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In a single moment of time, ninety percent of the world’s population drops dead. Throats closing, they choke, and unable to breathe, they die within seconds. It is just the beginning.

Judd Bryant, a survivor who does not succumb to the horrendous death, is a talented man with a zest for living. He faces his darkest hour until he finds a purpose in the form of Dawson, an eight-year-old boy with an unusual gift.The unlikely pair set out to find others, only to realize that each passing day is increasingly more dangerous than the one before. Their road becomes an obstacle course filled with unimaginable disasters.

Before long, they and a few other survivors come to the realization that the instant death of billions of people isn’t the end, it is the start of a massive natural event. A phenomenon that will change the face of the earth and in the process, push the boundaries of ‘survival of the fittest’.The extinction of mankind is at hand and not how they imagine.

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  1. Kevin

    The promising concept grabbed my attention straight away, yet sadly it never delivered. The story definitely borrowed heavily from Stephen King’s The Stand (and the author even seems to acknowledge that) with an incident taking out a massive percentage of the world’s population, also featuring another similarity of having a kid dream about where they are supposed to go and who they are supposed to see (think Mother Abagail), unfortunately the story isn’t anywhere near fleshed out as the book it seeks to imitated (or emulated is perhaps a better way to say it). Even so it wasn’t bad for the first half or so. But somewhere in the middle the story seemed to loose its way and never got back on track. Not horrible by any means, but definitely not what it could have been.

    Kyle Tait has a clean delivery and his use of inflection helped bring the characters and story to life, and he definitely made for an enjoyable listening experience.

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