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Tami Craig
The Complete Artifact Reaper Saga “The Artifact Reaper Complete set By Jen L. Grey and narrated by Shelly Reece is Books 1-4. Book 1 is all about an Earth artifact that only our FMC can find and touch. Book 2 is all about an Air artifact that our FMC must decide if her family name is worth it. Book 3 is all about a Fire artifact that requires her going to the underworld to retrieve. Book 4 is all about a Water artifact that almost makes her change her mind on the entire quest, UNTIL... Dive into this series to find out just exactly what this poor little reaper does and doesn't do to save those she cares about. Would I listen to this again? Yes Would I recommend this to others? Yes”
Ollie Wit Box Set: Books 1-3 “Ollie Wit Box Set by Donna Augustine and narrated by Angel Clark is a complete trilogy. We meet Olivia Wit, aka Ollie our FMC and Kane our MMC. Ollie finally finds out she isn't crazy and the monsters she has seen her entire life are real. Kane is something not human but the tension that runs between these 2 is absolutely physical even in audio format. We meet several other characters that end up adoring Ollie as only friends can and its always interesting around The Underground, the bar that hosts all kinds of supernaturals. Jump into this twisted series that is so far in my reading, a completely unique storyline. Would I listen to this again? yes Would I recommend this to others? yes”
Divine Fate- the Complete Series “Divine Fate by Alicia Rades and narrated by Natalie Naudus is a complete set of books that I will be listening to again and again. We meet Ryn, short for Katheryn, the FMC after yet another move around the country to Eagle Valley. She is caught killing a demon by Marek, James' last name which he prefers who just happens to be the MMC. Poor Ryn finds out that she isn't crazy like she had been told all her life and even forced into counseling by her mother, who has no idea that Ryn is a Divina, a race that is supposed to protect humans from the "demons". Ryn is "invited" by the "private" high school for Davina by being offered a scholarship, which her mother doesn't want to take. Ryn gets her way and gets to go to the school with her other friends that are also Davina. Mission #1, locate Grace, the last of the originals who is supposed to help close the portal to the demon realm. Mission #1, figure out the secrets that Ryn knows are being kept from her Mission #3, save the world. All in a days work for a 17 year old girl who has been told she is crazy for over half her life. Follow Ryn and Marek as the explore the truths, the lies, the emotions, the betrayal that the adults around them keep pilling on these kids. I highly recommend this as its not like anything else I have read on the market. Yes they are supernaturals, but not in the sense we have come to know. It's unique in its story telling and mythology we are introduced to as the story progresses.”
Howl “Howl is the first in the Howl series by Jayme and Jody Morse. They are new for me and I really enjoyed their way of telling a story. Meghan Kelly is a new narrator for me as well and she did and amazing job keeping each voice significant to that character. Shifters? We have them in wolf form. The FMC Samara, has had her entire world shaken up when she gets bitten by a wolf. It continues to be shaken when she finds out her entire life has been a lie. Teenage hormones, angst, ties that should bind and first loves vs lifelong friendships. Tune in to find out just how a 15 year old newly made wolf deals with the new perils in life. I found this to be cute, entertaining, and could actually see this happening in some small town in the Midwest. The authors and narrator brought this world to life for me. I would recommend it to anyone over the age of 12.”
The Dragon Queen’s Harem “The Dragon Queen's Harem by Med Xuemei X is the second in a complete series. Meg did a great job with picking her narrator, Melissa Schwairy. She continues to delight us in this second book as she was also the narrator for the first, Daisy is back on her home planet, where everything is falling apart. Here, Dragons are supposed to rule, but her grandfather has been missing and she had been told he went crazy. Enter dark witches, more curses, and now angry humans, who are bewitched. Leave it to Daisy and her harem of 3 to get the job done. More dragons, witches, elves, demons, monsters and a demigod that Daisy wants to add to her harem. Jump into another fantasy world created by an amazing author who can take characters we love and give them an entirely new world to play in. if fantasy and reverse harem are what you are looking for, then go no further you have found the book you are looking for.”
The Fury Queen’s Harem “The Fury Queen's Harem by Meg Xuemei X is the first in a completed series. We get to meet Daisy, one very cursed princess. Then we get to meet her harem, a group of 3 cursed dragon princes. Curses abound in this story, and everyone has a different one. We have dragons, monsters, elves, vampires, demons and demigods just to name a few. If fantasy is what you are looking for, then this is the book to dive into.”