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Finding Kathleen “This was a fairly quick listen but well written book. The storyline pace is great, there were no lulls in it to cause me to lose interest. The narrator did an excellent job performing the many characters in the book with enough variation that it was very easy to distinguish the players. Well done.”
The Truth About Eve (An Eve Sumptor Novel) “Wow! What a journey! I absolutely loved this novel and the following novel. I just wish the first book was available in audio as well. I could not turn it off! Jourdyn Kelly, you are an amazing writer, this series is more than I could have possibly wished for. The depth of characters and the narrator Tessa Stavers made for some of the best audio books I have experienced. I can only imagine the workings of the mind of Jourdyn Kelly to have been able to put pen to paper in this amazing series!”
Becoming (An LA Lovers Book) “This was my first Jourdyn Kelly Novel (although I have The Truth about Eve in my que). I was pleasantly surprised! I am not a BDSM person and have never really had much of an understanding of it. This novel was well written and helped me to have a better understanding. It also kept me very entertained with the plot. I am now looking forward to listening in on the Truth about Eve! Well done Jourdyn Kelly and well presented by Tessa Stavers!”
Prairie Heart “Marianne Snowe can write a great novel and Tessa Stavers brings the characters to life! This book is very sweet and heartwarming!”
Dal Segno “This book took me a few tries until I was able to get into it, but when I did, it turned out to be a very good listen. I was not disappointed. Well Done!”
French Summer “That's it! I am moving to France! Lise Gold is in my top 10 Authors! Her ability to tell a story is amazing! She brings depth to her characters like no other! I have listened to every audio book she has out and can't wait for more! The narrator has given even more depth to this novel. Amazing!”
June Bride “Hildred Billings is an amazing Author! This book is part of a series that will make you want to pack your bags and move to Paradise Valley! Bravo! The narration is spot on! Shoshannah Kramer brings this series to life!”
April Stars “You just can't go wrong with a Hildred Billings novel! The story continues into a whole series! Loved this novel! Well done!!!!”
The Lesbian Billionaires Club “MORE!!! That's how this book will leave you feeling! You will want more! Fantastic!”
The Good Girl “Whoa! This one will knock your socks off! Sexy from the start all the way to the finish! Bravo!!! Who wouldn't want to hear the narrator, Tessa Stavers, speak those word into your ears? OMG!”
Holme for the Holidays “This was my first (of many) Miranda MacLeod books... I have become a huge fan! She writes very entertaining novels. If you're looking for hours of entertainment, this is the book for you! it is sweet, funny and sexy! Well worth it! I need to give props to the Narrator, Stephanie Murphy... She brings out the best in the Authors works!”
Waltzing on the Danube “Hilarious! Loved,,,, Loved... Loved this novel! I had to hit pause several times because I could not hear the story over my laughter! I have become a fan of MacLeod's books! I love her humor and writing style. The narrator - Stephanie Murphy is amazing and has just the right timing to express the humor of MacLeod's written word. Stephanie is in my top 10 narrators and have often done book searches by looking up her name and seeing what Authors she has narrated for and made selections based on that.”
Letters to Cupid “How can you go wrong with a Miranda MacLeod book? she has a funny bone that must be the size of Texas! This book has all of the feels and Miranda's consistent choice of narrators has each novel leaving you feeling blissful and content. Bravo!!!!”
Finding Her “Heart warming story! This was my first Marian Snowe novel and you can bet I will be listening to more of her works! The narrator , Sophie Daniels has some serious vocal skills! She brings this book to life! She is in my top 10 narrators!”
London Holiday “Sweet story! Lots of chuckles! The Author has a fantastic sense of timing for her humor! I have yet to listen to any of her books that didn't keep me smiling and laughing out loud! The narrator has some serious talent and brings out the best in Miranda's books. I love the consistency in the combination.”
Stay “Loved this book! How can you not??? Lesbians and dogs! Well written and narrorated!”
Welcome To Ruby’s “This is a great listen... Everyone needs that special place to go to relax, unwind and spend time with friends and lovers.... It's comfortable and familiar, but like anywhere else, there is change. It is inevitable, you can embrace it and participate in it. Or you can just sit around and stew in your refusal to accept it. Change will happen regardless... This lovely story let's the listener fall into the longing to keep life nostalgic and what could happen if you refuse to participate in life and it's winding road of change. It will offer you an abundance of chuckles and you may find yourself wanting to reach through the speakers and give the characters a good shake! This is well written and the narrator has done a great job of bringing it to life!”