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Mary Dean
Telling Lies Online “I loved this story! It's a perfect story about the consequences a small lie can have. But it's also a story about accepting that everyone makes mistakes and you can either chose to forgive and live in the grudge or forgive and follow happiness. Jamie meets Claire on a dating website. She starts to form real and true feelings for her, even though they are miles apart. Then it turns out that Claire thinks she was man name Jay (her nickname) the whole time. Instead of making Claire aware Jamie plays it off. Then Claire is in her city and they form a friendship, while "Jay" is away. Claire starts to realize she has feelings for Jamie she was taught growing up were wrong. She has to decide to either accept who she is or stick to lie that her aunt made her believe about herself and who she is. Jamie and Claire are so good together and for each other. Then Jamie comes up with a way to get out of her lie and not have to tell Claire the truth. But as it does with all lies, it blows up in her face and now not only is her relationship on the line but all the things she has worked so hard for in her life. I really didn't know if Claire and Jamie could make it out of this mess. This was a fun story to listen to/read. It has a humorous side but also an emotional side. I really felt for these characters and I wanted their happy ending. This narrator did a great job making a separate voice and feeling for each character. A must read for romance fans.”
The Madonna Ghost “This was a fun and exciting mystery with a paranormal twist. Annie is on vacation with her aunt. She thinks it's going to be a fun two week vacation full of sun and maybe even a little crush on the family member of a friend of her aunt's. Then it becomes a fun ghost mystery. But soon lives are in danger and she better solve the mystery soon. This mystery had action and adventure and moments where I couldn't guess what was going to happen next. I loved every minute of it. I am excited this seems to be a series. I can't wait to dive into more Annie Tillery Mysteries! This narrator was the perfect voice for Annie too!”
Castle of Blue Stones “What a cool story! The element of what is real and what is not really pulled me in. The story starts off with a dream, or is it a vision? Jaisy is a survivor from the volcano disaster that destroyed the world. The ash took her memories. Or so she is told. She tries to fall in line and do what she's told but there are parts of her life that don't make sense. And she is having visions that plague her. And why does she have fangs and have the urge to kill? As the pieces come together us readers/listeners go on this journey with her. And when the truth is exposed your mind will be blown. And get ready to meet a group of villains that will make you want to reach into this story and slap them yourselves. This is a great adventure story filled with mystery and suspense. You'll fall in love with Jaisy and her crew of allies. Get ready to have this story hit the heart. I loved it. I really hope this is made into a sequel. I don't feel like we are done with Jaisy's story yet. This narrator is the perfect voice of Jaisy. She portrays her as I would think she would be. This is a must read/listen.”
A Lovely Nightmare “This was a unique paranormal romance, unlike any that I have read (or listened to) before. This is the story of Amelia who has been haunting by an evil presence since she was a child. No one believed her about the monster in her closet and because of that she was an outcast. Now she is starting a new life in college. She is optimistic about her future. She meets her sexy new landlord and then her world it turned upside down again. She starts to suspect he has something to do with the terror she has experienced her whole life. Even though she shouldn't have feelings for him, she does and she tries her hardest to fight it. As the reader we shouldn't want these two together but we do. Then the truth explodes and it shocks Amelia. It shocked me too. The paranormal aspect is one I didn't see coming and I loved that. This book is full of suspense and adventure. Don't worry romance lovers, that element is in there too. The whole story will keep you on the edge wondering what is going to happen next. This narrator does a great job really being the voice for Amelia. I felt like she was telling me her story personally. There is also room for the story to continue and I hope we get more.”
For Real (Rules of Love) “I loved this entertaining, heart warming story. I didn't want it to end! Shannon is sick of her friends thinking she needs to get more experience with boys and get a boyfriend. She meets Jett and they form a friendship. Turns out he is sick of his friends bothering him about not having a girlfriend. They decide to tell everyone they are dating when really they aren't officially. They come up with their own rules to make it believable. It was so much going along on this scheme with them. It is obvious to the reader that these two are meant for each other. They know it too but afraid to voice it. Then comes the time when they agree to break up. That's when real feelings get in the way. Jett and Shannon are one of my favorite couples (even fake). They had me cracking up and swooning. I would love more from them. I didn't want this book to end. This narrator did a great job with both voices. I really forgot that it was one woman voicing for all characters. This is a must read/listen for anyone who loves a good story to make you go "awe."”
The Marauder “It's official. Tessa Bowen is the queen of stubborn romance. The kind of romance that makes you want to scream in frustration but you secretly enjoy the ride. And the outcome is well worth it. This book has that. Princess Guendolen is forced to take a mate by her father before their kingdom's enemy takes her for himself. The problem is he chose her childhood enemy, the son of a blacksmith. After the deed is done they are separated by war for a few years. He returns a hero and becomes a father and her husband. Don't go thinking a child made these two fall in love. Far from that. It's a stubborn battle. Talk about enemies to lovers! Just when you think you have this story figured out this author hits you with an exposed secret that will shock you. I know I yelled "oh my god" myself. This story was a fun ride and I am pretty sure I felt every emotion possible. Romance fans, add this one to your list. And Tessa Bowen fans, get ready for what is I think her best one yet.”
Valley Fever “I sort of cheated. I knew some of this couple's story already since I started with Valley Storm, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. I loved finding out their beginning and what lead them to be the amazing couple they are. And it certainly didn't stop me from getting so frustrated with Tobias. He's a great man but man was a stinker growing into that man. I would have slapped him a few times myself. Lina is a saint! Talk about an enemies to lovers story. I loved every minute of this romance. And trust me, you will love Tobias by the end. Logan McAllister did another amazing job narrating this book and bringing these characters to life. What a great start to a series I already know is a must read/listen.”
The Mermaid and the Cowboy “I was so excited that Jeb. I fell in love with him as John's brother in The Demon Duchess. I wanted a happy ending for him. His mistakes caused him to be miserable but everyone deserves a second chance. In this story we meet Loraleigh. Jeb and her meet when she is too young but determined. He is at the high of his rodeo career and in love. He turns her away. Little did he know his world would change shortly after. Years later she shows up at his door after her divorce and under the influence. He cares for her like the gentleman he is. He starts to see her for the woman she is. She tries not to fall for him. But there was a reason she wanted him all those years ago. In true Tessa Bowen fashion, we have a stubborn romance. I loved it! It was a shorter read/listen than her other books but totally as enjoyable, if not more. Virginia Ferguson is a great voice for this series.”
Whole Lotta Frogs “This was such a fun friend-enemies to lovers story. I loved every second. Lennox is an independent woman who hates her job as a personal assistant but stays it in hopes to be a journalist one day, no matter how many times her boss turns down her articles. She has a blog where she keeps herself anonymous about her disaster of a dating life. Her childhood best friend turned ex friend Ellis is back in town and she is forced to see him as their families are very close. She believes his ultimate hobby is to make her life a living hell. But as events happen she starts to learn that everything she thought about him, her life, herself... isn't as she thought. She has to make some major decisions. Decisions that will affect her future and she has to take some chances, something she isn't good at. Every second of this story had me on my toes while laughing out loud. Yes I was that crazy lady with head phones on laughing. I couldn't help it. The banter between Ellis and Lennox was hysterical. And her blog posts! I am so sad that her blog isn't real. I would so be a subscriber. This narrator was the perfect voice for Lennox. She really made me believe she was telling the story to me. This is a great rom com that all romance fans will fall in love with. I know I did. And you don't get just once romance in this story. That's all I am saying. I won't spoil the fun.”
The Cadence Duet (Cadence Untouched and Cadence Defined) “Are you ready for a story to consume you completely? That's what this duet did. I am so glad these books were together because I don't know if I could have waited to start Cadence Defined after Cadence Untouched was done. Cadence Untouched is the story of a girl meeting the boy that changes everything for her. But life isn't fair and sometimes true love isn't enough. Cadenced Defined is the story of that same girl now a woman with a 17 year old secret. Well that secret is about to be busted wide open when she sees the boy who is now a man again. They both have changed so much but their love hasn't. It's actually stronger. Secrets are revealed and hearts are broken. But it's up to them to put them back together. This is also a story about standing up for what's right. Standing up for your life. It has a major social activist theme and I loved it. Cadence and Fitz are everything a romance reader needs. Talk about an epic story! I loved every minute. I laughed with them, cried with them, got my heart broken with them, and fell head over heels with them. I can't suggest this duet enough. And these narrators hit it out of the park! They were Cadence & Fitz! This was my first read from this author. If she made me feel this much with these books, I am looking forward to anything else she has written.”