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Rules of Engagement Survival Rules Series, Book 4 “This review is also posted at The 'Survival Rules' series concludes in the fourth book, 'Rules of Engagement'. This is a series of chronological books that build to a final climax in this last book. They are not meant as stand-alone novels. I recommend starting with Book 1, if you haven't already. Camp Olney is recovering from their split with Jude and his followers. They soon hear of a new threat to Whitefish--a militia group intent on forcing tyranny on the residents. Tyler, knowing it's only a matter of time until the militia attack Camp Olney, attempts to enlist Jude's help in going on the offensive and attacking first. Meanwhile, Nate and Erika once again find themselves in a dangerous situation in town. The Morning Star reveal from Book 3 doesn't rise to a major plot point in this book, of which I'm personally thankful. I was afraid it would make this book too soap opera-y. The book is a well-written fast-paced action story that leads to a satisfying conclusion. The theme in this last book of 'Survival Rules' is what a person is willing to do to protect others. Will they do the right thing and risk themselves, or turn away to save their own skin? The Ford family dynamic has a nice resolution to it as well. I've said it before; I'll say it again. Miles Meili is my favorite 'voice of the apocalypse'. His storytelling style solidifies the believability of Hunt's writing. I downloaded a free review copy of this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed. This is my voluntary opinion of it. Highly recommended.”
Cast a Long Shadow “This review is also posted at I've not read many western novels, but had a life-long interest in them. This interest prompted me to download a free review copy audiobook of 'Cast a Long Shadow' from Audiobooks Unleashed. I'm now leaving a voluntary review after listening to it. I'm glad to say, Kwen D Griffeth tells a good mystery yarn. In this first book of the 'Big Sky' series, we are introduced to 'Bad Bobby' Trent. He's a hard-drinking, quick-to-a-fight bull and bronco rodeo rider. After his sheriff father's death, he is determined to clear rumors of corruption surrounding the murder. He receives help from Cheyenne police chief Lucas Blackkettle, ex-girlfriend and lawyer K. C. Simms and deputy Sheriff Doreen Nixon. Can they put all the pieces together to solve this case? Griffeth's Bobby Trent is a wonderfully layered character. He's brash and impulsive but also single-minded about tracking down his father's killers. He's honest, and will call anyone a friend as long as they're honest as well. Bobby is very much justice oriented. When someone has committed a wrong, he believes it should be punished. This sometimes causes him to do things that aren't exactly legal, but it's what he thinks is right. The Montana prairie setting also drew me to this book. I've long been fascinated by stories of 'Big Sky Country' and the mystique it holds. Griffeth's rural setting of Lodge Pole County evokes the wide-openness of the countryside that I imagine residents prize. Bringing in the Native beliefs of spirits and connectedness to the Earth, makes Montana seem even more special. Paul J McSorley's performance as narrator is good. Some of the dialogue was a tad stilted, particularly with female voices, but not too distracting. Highly recommended. It's a well-written, twisty mystery with likable characters. It's worth a try.”
Rules of Survival: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller “This review is also posted at 'Rules of Survival' starts off the thrilling 'Survival Rules' series by Jack Hunt. I've previously listened to the 'Lone Survivor' series from the great author/narrator team of Hunt and Miles Meili, so when given an opportunity to receive a free review copy of this book from Audiobooks Unleashed, I downloaded it. What follows is a voluntary opinion of the EMP survival story. Jack Hunt has such a wonderful ability of creating characters that feel real. This story centers on Corey and Tyler Ford. The brothers were raised by their extreme-survivalist father. Some might call his behavior abusive (including me), but Andy Ford just thinks he was preparing them for inevitable societal collapse. At the time of the EMP, Tyler, living in Las Vegas, has just finished a disastrous date with Erika. When planes begin falling from the sky, the pair rescue Nate, who is trapped in a collapsed building. Tyler decides to head to his father's cabin in Montana and Erika and Nate accompany him. Meanwhile, in Whitefish, MT, Corey and his father butt heads on their response to the impending doom for society. Andy wants to bug-out right away and Corey feels the need to join his search-and-rescue team looking for a crashed plane in the Glacier National Park area. Complicating his mission is the fact the plane is full of lifer-prisoners. Thus is the set-up for a suspenseful, action-packed, tension-filled thrill ride of a story. It will keep the reader riveted from start to finish. Now, some gushing about one of my favorite narrators. Miles Meili's storytelling ability is spellbinding. He is my pick for 'voice of the apocalypse'. I want him to have many opportunities to tell EOTW stories like this one. Very highly recommended.”
Rules of Darkness A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller Book 3 “This review is also posted at Since I adore the Jack Hunt-Miles Meili author/narrator combo, I took an opportunity to download this audiobook as a free review copy from Audiobooks Unleashed. This post is my voluntary review of it. Book 3, 'Rules of Darkness', concentrates on the Ford family combating raiders who are stealing resources and killing those that have ventured from town to scavenge the surrounding area. Corey is assisting the police, Andy is training new fighters and Tyler is helping Allie from Olney Camp. Corey and Tyler end up targeting the same group of raiders and team up, along with some Marine buddies of Corey's. This part of the story gets somewhat convoluted and seems a little implausible. Meanwhile, Erika is written almost completely out of the story and Nate doesn't fare too much better. Nate falls prey to almost the same fate that occurred in the last book. It would've been nice for them to have bigger roles in this installment; they're my favorite characters after Corey and Tyler. There's still plenty of action to be had in this book. The tension that Hunt is so good at is still here. It gets bogged down with all the characters trying to out-maneuver each other (and not being smart enough to pull it off). The Morning Star thing? My reaction was, "Soap opera tactic!". And then have it be the cliffhanger? I hate cliffhangers; total pet peeve of mine. Boo-Hiss. Miles Meili does his usual wonderful job with narration. His performances of Hunt's books are completely suited to the writing style. Recommended.”
Rules of Conflict: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (Survival Rules Series) “This review is also posted on The second book of the 'Survival Rules' series, 'Rules of Conflict', is a more action-packed nail-biter than the first. Conditions in Whitefish are about as bad as Andy Ford would have predicted. Corey has become the focus of Gabriel's vengeance and Tyler seeks purpose from Jude, a survivalist leader and former friend of Andy. Erika and Nate find themselves captives of a not-too-bright prepper family. They need to put their head together to form a plan of escape (with Bailey's help). Jack Hunt once again delivers a suspense-filled roller coaster ride of a post-EMP thriller. Hunt has a great ability to give the reader a high-tension survival story that keeps them on the edges of their seats until the end. Not only is the plot riveting, but Hunt's characters are real people. I've become invested in the lives of Tyler, Corey, Erika, Nate and even Andy. I care what happens to them. Some characters may not make the best choices, but, to be fair, they are in a fish-out-of-water situation with the EMP strike. Hunt makes sure those not making good choices pay the consequences of their actions. It's the characters, above all else, that make me want to finish this series. I'm interested in knowing how their experiences will change them, for better or worse. Miles Meili is such a great narrator. He brings these characters and situations alive for me. I don't think anyone else could do a better job with Jack Hunt's great story. I downloaded a free review copy of this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed. This review represents my honest and voluntary opinion. Highly recommended.”
Eight-Bit Bastards: A Gamelit LitRPG retro gaming adventure “This review is also posted to Audible. 'Eight-Bit Bastards' is my first GameLit read/listen. While browsing a list of audiobooks being offered to download as review copies, I noticed this title. I wasn't really sure what this genre entailed. I thought it was media tie-in literature of popular console/computer RPG-type games. I did some research and from what I discovered, thought it might be something I would like. I requested a free review copy and am now posting a voluntary review. This book is a good introduction to the GameLit genre. Perhaps moreso for people who remember playing 8-bit games in days of yore (like me). The premise involves a group of characters from an after-life virtual world who embark on a quest to find a hacker who has been trapped in the 'Bit Realm', a section of the virtual reality that is based on early console games. The story is engaging, with a lot of defeating of creatures and procuring of skills in order to level-up and improve stats. The book offers likable characters and wonderful banter and sarcasm. The plot is well thought out and believable despite the sci-fi/fantasy bent. It has action, suspense and twists that I didn't see coming. My favorite aspect of the book is the narration by Michael Norman Johnson. He captures the right tone of the author's words. I especially loved the interpretation of Sean's sarcastic nature. It got a laugh out of me multiple times. I have to mention a pet peeve of mine that is present in this book. Each of the books in this box-set end on an egregious cliff-hanger. At the end of Book 2, it is obvious the story is not finished. There is a book-ending scene that tries to make it seem 'complete' but really there are too many threads left hanging for it to really work. Overall, I liked my first foray into this genre. I'll be checking out other GameLit options. Recommended.”
Catalyst “This review is also posted at Audible. 'Catalyst' is the first book of 'Tribari Freedom Chronicle'. While it is short, it does a great job of setting up the universe in which the following books exist. The author has drawn contrasts between the harsh, dangerous and cold conditions of the mining colony and the warm, opulent luxury of the planet it supplies. But is everything as it seems? Brek Trigan, on a long worked for vacation from his icy moon, inadvertently gets involved in a worker protest on the planet. Will he start to see things in a different light? Maybe things don't have to just be 'status quo'. Rachel Ford has created a good base for her universe with this story. It is well-written and well-conceived. The narration by Megan Green is a nice compliment to the story. I liked it despite its short length. It still feels like a complete story. Recommended. I received a free copy of this audiobook at my request. This is my voluntary review.”
All That Rises: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (Lone Survivor, Book 4) “This review is also posted at Audible. This book is the last book in the "Lone Survivor" series. Read the other 3 books first. They are well worth it. Book 4 has shifted the action almost solely to the town of Castine, ME. This doesn't mean there's not a lot of tension and suspense still to come. Who will be in control? Will the townspeople cede control to megalomaniacs or will they assert their own? How has the EMP event affected individuals, both for the best and for the worst? How is the town preparing for long term power loss? Once again we have plenty of action and suspense. Now that Landon is back in Castine, we see how he, Sarah and Max have been changed by the EMP. There are some nice character interactions when the threat of danger seems to have waned somewhat. But, of course, the threat is still there. The book had a nice balance between characterization and action. There is a satisfying conclusion that, while not exactly happy forever, is at least happy for now. Jack Hunt's well-written, well-plotted book, interpreted by narrator Miles Meili, makes me glad I requested a free review copy of this audiobook. The book shows what a talented team they make. The preceding is my voluntary review. Highly recommended.”
All that Escapes: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller, Book 3 “This review is also posted to Audible. Book 3 of the 'Lone Survivor' series is the one that got me interested in this series. The description of post-EMP survivors navigating the Appalachian Trail piqued my interest. I grew up near the AT and have always been fascinated by it. Because of this interest in the trail, I requested and received a free review copy of the 'All That Escapes' audiobook. The following is my voluntary review. I would not call Book 3 a stand-alone novel in the series. It may be fairly difficult to follow the action without the prior knowledge of Books 1 & 2. Go ahead and spurge on those as well; they're worth it. Also, be aware that this book also has the strongest cliffhanger of the 3 books, so you'll definitely want to get Book 4. At first, I thought this book might be a little more low-key in suspense. I was so wrong. The dangers of the Appalachian Trail for Landon and Beth just won't let up. I was anxious the entire book and the climax is rip-roaringly great. Will they finally find their way to Castine? Once again, we get little peeks into how the government is handling 'the event'. We see individual reactions to the fact that FEMA and the military are poised to take over in Castine. I think it's probably pretty close to what would happen if we were all faced with an EMP situation. We also get to see some characters making decisions that have unintended consequences, especially among the Castine residents. The narration by Miles Meili is once again spectacular. His performance is dramatic and emothional. I got a little teary-eyed in places. Another great book by Jack Hunt. Action-filled, thrill-packed, and believable. Very highly recommended.”
All That Survives “This review is also posted at Audible. After listening to Book 1, I plunged right into Book 2. I received a free audiobook review copy of Book 2, at my request, and I started it immediately after finishing Book 1. This is a voluntary review of 'All That Survives' of Jack Hunt's LONE SURVIVOR series. If you haven't read/listened to Book 1 of this series, 'All That Remains', get that as well. It's a great listen. It may be somewhat helpful if you read that before starting 'All That Survives'. In Book 2, we continue to follow Landon and Beth on their way to the Appalachian Trail. They discover things will not go smoothly for them in their attempt to reach Maine. Meanwhile, in Castine, ME, Landon's wife and son are having struggles of their own, along with their fellow residents. We meet a new character, Sam, who is a Sheriff's deputy trying to keep his small section of society from collapsing into anarchy. Just like in Book 1, the action gets going right away and doesn't let up until the end. I liked the introduction of Castine, ME's government officials, so that we get a different perspective of what goes on when civilized behavior falls to the way-side. The struggle to survive forces people to make hard choices. This book is chock-full of edge-of-your-seat action, nail-biting suspense, and believable characters. Jack Hunt has delivered a thrilling story of the apocalypse. Miles Meili as narrator, has hit it out of the park again. His performance adds emotional impact in the midst of chaos. Once again, there were moments that I could picture the book as if it were a film. Both Jack Hunt and Miles Meili are at the top of my 'watch for' list. Very highly recommended.”
All That Remains “This review is also posted at Audible. Jack Hunt's 'All That Remains' is one of the best books I've read in any genre. If you're like me and love a story with lots of action, suspense, thrills and drama, with emotional impact thrown in the mix, you couldn't choose a better book than this one. I was a recipient of a free review copy of this audiobook, which I requested, and am now leaving a voluntary opinion. Mr Hunt doesn't bog down the story with an overload of pre-EMP exposition. We get enough from a few scenes to get a sense of the characterizations before the event. The action gets going right away and doesn't stop. The story is told from multiple points of view, which enhance the dramatic narrative of the initial few days following the EMP. We follow these characters as they either sink to their baser instincts or rise above with courage and bravery. This book is written as the first chapter of a series. You definitely will want to continue to the next book right away. Of course, I cannot neglect the narration of the book. This is my first experience listening to Miles Meili and it will not be my last. His interpretation of Jack Hunt's excellently written words is outstanding. The voices are distinct and full of feeling. I felt almost like I was viewing a movie. The combo of Hunt's writing and Meili's narration had me vividly picturing the action. I am already planning to listen to more books from both artists. Very highly recommended.”
Tribe of Daughters “This review is also posted to Audible. This novel by Kate L Mary delves into an isolated matriarchal society 70 years after a virus has killed most of the population of America. A small group of women have fled into the wilderness to escape abuse. The women then resort to kidnapping men for the purpose of producing offspring, of which only the females are valued. The story follows Jameson, a captured man, and Wilderness, a female of the village, who has chosen Jameson as her husband. Along the way, topics of equality, abuse and power are woven into a love story. I requested a review copy of this audiobook and am giving a voluntary review. I'm pleased to say that I liked the book very much. Kate L Mary has written a wonderful story while tackling the subject of gender inequality. Narrator, Nikki Zakocs, has given a superb performance, bringing each character to life. The book held my attention throughout. Highly recommended.”