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Isha Coleman
Reading is my favorite past time. I enjoy opening a book and knowing that there will always be a new experience. My genre of choice is romance. Whether contemporary or historical, series or standalone. I love them all.
Favorite Audiobook
Anything by Ruth Cardello
The Cadence Duet (Cadence Untouched and Cadence Defined) “A love like Fitz and Cadence has proves itself to be bigger than these two mere mortals. Willink gives breathless it's own zip code with Cadence Duet. She put her heart in each line and dragged my soul along for the ride. Webber and Laurel add emotion to a melody that gives voice to beauty as heartaching as it is inspiring. Young love takes on adult life and finds self- discovery along the way. Willink hit all the right notes.”
Making You Mine “Arndt and Clarke make beautiful music together. With tender loving care they turn Melissa's battle of hearts into a duet of love. Knox and Aubrey were already a beautiful heartache. Foster grabs readers by the heartstrings with an enduring love that at moments reads like a foolish heart, but as always leaves a lasting impression. Making You Mine hits all the right notes for love.”
One Hundred Christmas Kisses “One Hundred Christmas Kisses is proof that big is not a must to make an impact. Some of the best stories come in the simplest packaging. The heart is the deciding factor. Trig and Charlotte had a direct line to my heart. Collins created a world that was easy to get caught up in. Trig and Charlotte are lost after suffering tremendous losses in their lives. A magical setting is the catalyst for the healing to begin. Kelly Collins brings humor, heart and hope to a captivating romance.”
One Hundred Heartbeats “One Hundred Heartbeats feels like a kiss from the heavens. Collins knows how to bring on the heart tingles, while McAllister simply takes your breath away. Katie and Bowie are learning how to exhale after tragedy changes the course of his life and nearly costs her her's. Katie has learned how to appreciate life in a whole new way. Determined to live every moment, she discovers that only in the heartache, can you learn the value of happiness. Sweet story laced with wisdom and the every present emotion of a Collins romance. I love this book.”
One Hundred Wishes “Aspen Cove is the place where hearts dare to dream and souls go to heal. A less than ideal life has brought two strangers to a crossroads. As a youth, Samantha White dreamed of something better. Caught in a life filled with heartache and poverty, she wanted to escape. Now an adult Samantha seems to have it all. A glamorous career, a ton of money and an unmatched celebrity. From the outside, she's living the dream, but inwardly she's falling apart. It seems she can never stop running. Going incognito is the best way to find peace, until a past she wanted to outrun starts to feel like a perfect fit. Dalton is the dream she never hoped to have and refuses to live without. What happens when the present she left behind, proves a stumbling block to the future she's just beginning. Collins begins and ends with emotion. One Hundred Wishes puts it's best heart forward and step right into the soul. McAllister made a breathing entity out of an already breathtaking journey. Beautiful”