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E Bushnell
Space Team: The Guns of Nana Joan “Space Team stikes again. Man, I love this series. Excellent book.”
Space Team: Song of the Space Siren “Another great addition to Space Team. I introduced my wife to the series and she's now enjoying it too Excellent writing and Narration”
Space Team: The Wrath of Vajazzle “I received this book for free in exchange for an unbiased review from I loved this book. The characters are enjoyable and the banter is often laugh out loud funny. A worthy second book to the series. Phil Thron does a superb job narrating.”
Enneagram for Couples: The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Yourself and Your Partner, and Improving Your Relationship “I received this book free from Audiobooks unleashed and am leaving an unbiased review. I've been studying the enneagram for the past several months and have found it to be an excellent source for understanding myself and other people. This book succinctly describes the different types and how they relate to each other type. An excellent book with excellent narration.”
Dead Inside: A Space Team Universe Novel “I received this book from Audiobooks unleashed and I am leaving an unbiased review. Barry J Hutchinson just keeps killing it with his books. His world building is excellent, characters are distinct and sprinkles in the humor at just the right times. Phil Thron does an amazing job narrating. I can't wait to hear more.”
Space Team “I loved loved loved this book. It is funny and makes no pretenses about it being anything else. I can hardly wait to listen to the rest of the series.”
Ace of Spade “This book was a nice throwback to private detective novels. The narration was good. The story flowed well and I enjoyed the book”
Eight-Bit Bastards: A Gamelit LitRPG retro gaming adventure “hmm what can I say? I loved loved loved this book. I loved the narration, the 8 bit sound effects, the story line. Superb book foe light candy entertainment. Will be listening to it again and looking for more books by the author.”
Salvage Merc One: The Daedalus System “Another great Joe Laribeau story. I hope we get some more. Excellent narration and story line. Loved it.”
Salvage Merc One “I loved this book. The narration is great and I loved the dynamic between Joe and his assistant. Get it, you won't be disappointed.”
Dragon King Charlie “I loved this book. It's the best Charlie story yet. Still excellent narration as well.”
Bad Luck Charlie “The story started out a bit slow but I'm very happy I kept listening. The narration is good, and the story is top notch light entertainment.”
Space Pirate Charlie “Charlie's story is getting more interesting. I'm really enjoying this series. Narration is enjoyable, and the story is a good mix of fantasy and sci-fi.”
Dial D for Deadman: A Space Team Universe Novel “I read the kindle version of the first Space Team book and loved it; a zany, fun book. I was expecting something similar with this book, but was pleasantly surprised at the difference. This book is a bit darker, gritty film noir style. There's still some humor mixed in and I loved it. This book is worth paying for.”