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Marybeth Renn
Corralling Callie “I really enjoyed this narration. Gideon Welles is the perfect choice!!! His gravelly voice makes me really feel Jude. I loved it!!”
Handling Susannah “Susannah needs a husband to keep her ranch. Susannah puts an ad in the paper and Adam responds. When they meet, there are surprises in store for both of them!”
When He Returns “The narration by Matthew Keyes was wonderful. I could see the book in my mind as he narrated!”
Daddy Takes Charge “The voice artist does a great job bringing these characters to life. And the story is excellent!”
Bringing Trouble Home “Matthew Keyes does an excellent job narrating this western. His voice is one of my favorite reasons for getting this book on audible. I read the book as an ebook, but he brings the story alive!”
Abducted “I enjoyed this story as an ebook and I think that this narration was wonderful. I'm looking forward to more!”
Consumed “I loved this story. But, it truly came alive listening to Meghan Kelly. She did a wonderful job with their voices! I will have to look for more books narrated by her!”
Wedded to the Warriors “Aimee is an illegal third child on a world that only allows two. She is arrested and sent to a detention center to be sold as a bride. Because she is defiant, the warden decides to sell her to three dominant warriors that are considered savages. She is forced to be obedient, but she finds that she is happy to be with her mates. This is a wonderful story that I really enjoyed. The narration is well done!”
Her Alien Doctors “This is the second book in the Captive Brides series. Jenny is an illegal third child on a world that only allows for two. She is sent to the detention center to be sold as a bride. Jenny is defiant and earns a spanking and is sent to the medical wing to be tamed. The three doctors work together to tame her and she quickly begs them to take her any way they want. They decide they don't want to give her up and keep her for themselves. There is a HEA. The narration by Logan McAllister is very good.”
Taming Their Pet “This is the third book in the Captive Brides series. Isabella is an illegal third child in a world that does not allow more than two. She is shipped off to a detention center to be sold as a bride. Unfortunately, she gets caught up in a group at the detention center that is trying to disrupt the center. The warden decides to sell her to brothers who will train her as a pet. There is a HEA and this is definitely a hot, steamy menage. I enjoyed the narration by Patrick Blackthorne as well.”
Sold to the Beasts “I've recently reread this series. Michelle is an illegal third child on a world that only allows two. She is shipped off to a detention facility and sold as a bride. She is excited to be a bride, but then she finds out her owners do not want another bride. There is punishment and spankings galore! Pet play as well! But, in the end, there is a HEA. Loved it!!! The narration by Garrett Reins is great as well. I love his different voices for the characters.”
Hoss: A Rough Romance “I admit, I love this author! She is one of my favorites! Hoss and Remi were supposed to go to the prom together, but Remi stands him up through no fault of her own. Unfortunately, Hoss doesn't know this and joins the military. 20 years later, Remi runs to him to keep her safe when contestants on a cooking competition are being killed. They rekindle their romance and, of course, there are spankings involved. I loved the interaction between Remi and Hoss and it is just an amazing book! And, of course, the narration by Jack Calihan is the best. He is the voice of Delta's male characters.”
Warlord “In this new series that the author has started, we are with the werewolves from the Wayward Mates series. This is set in the future where a plague has gone through the world and has reverted to medieval times. Rowan is the alpha of Calon Onest. As a female, her pack is happy with her, but the rest of the wolf packs are not. After she kills the envoys from the council, they send Alaric, the warlord. Alaric is more than happy to go as he is looking for a place to settle down with his troops. On the way, he discovers that Rowan is his fated mate and that changes his plans somewhat. Of course, he tames Rowan, but the fun is the way it happens. I listen to these stories while driving. Sometimes I worry about having an accident when I get too involved and the book still playing. lol But, seriously, the books are great and Jack Calihan is one of the best narrators!”
Overlord “I love this second book in the new series. It is amazing. I will admit that I thought that the mate for Gareth was Arielle. I laughed when I saw how wrong I was! It was Sloan who is his fated mate. Gareth, of course, is an overbearing male who will get his way no matter what. I do love these great male characters. Of course, their whole book is basically Sloan accepting that she is Gareth's fated mate with a lot of action thrown in. Just the way I like it! I hope the next book is about Ruari and Arielle. There is a HEA. Listening to Jack Calihan narrate this book is even better!”
Wolflord “I love this next book! Ruari has become the next Alpha of Dundaulm after his brother died. When Arielle escapes Calon Onest she ends up with Ruari who already knows that Arielle is his fated mate. But Arielle doesn't go easy and the story getting to their HEA is wonderful! Jack Calihan brings them to life. His voice speaking for the characters is mesmerizing!”
Taming His Cowgirl “Another success for Delta James!!! This is the story of Ryder and Sierra. There was a misunderstanding in their past, but between Sierra's father and Ryder, it was going to get fixed! There are plenty of spankings and lots of love. I loved it!! Jack Calihan does a great job with the narration and brings the book to life. It was very intense to listen to.”
Tamed On The Ranch “This story by Delta James is amazing. Her characters jump off the page to the reader. Jack Calihan is a wonderful narrator. I love him for this book!”