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Megan Wells
Magic and Misconduct: A Paranormal Academy Bully Romance “This book was okay. I really enjoyed the storyline and the world itself. My issue was with Marina, the main character. The blurb said she was suppose to be a strong character and I just didn't see that. She was extremely naive to the point it was almost unbelievable that someone could be that naive. She also thinks she's great at magic when really her magic causes an insane amount of damage. It annoyed me that she wanted to go back and try to help the city she ruined in the beginning. She does get better toward the end but I had a hard time liking her. Now the guys I really like. I think I might have put the book down if not for them. I really hope that Marina continues to mature in the next book because I really want to see where the story goes.”
Captured by the Alien Dragon “I really liked this book! Carissa has been a slave her whole life. All she wants is her freedom. Of course that's not easy when she is a human in an alien world. Luckily she is captured by a domineering egotistic dragon alien named Tarion . At first they both despise each other. Tarion actually thinks there is something medically wrong with him when he starts to feel feelings. It was hilarious. That's the other thing I really enjoyed about this book, it was funny! It had me laughing the whole time. I am looking forward to the next in the series!”
Eat You Up “I really enjoyed this story. Although I wish I would have read the ebook instead of listening to it. I like Addison Barnes as a narrator. She brings life into the story. The problem here is that the hero is Russian but there was no Russian accent. The heroine even commented on how thick his accent was. The author should have found a narrator who could do a Russian accent. It was hard to get lost in the story when I knew the voice didn't match the character. Like I said the story itself is good. I liked the characters. I liked the drama and the romance was hot.. would have been even hotter with a Russian accent. But if that is something that doesn't bother you, then I recommend this book. Because other than the lack of accent the narration was good.”