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Seeking Jake Ryan “Seeking Jake Ryan is a wonderfully written book by M.F. Lorain and Jessica Bucher and is my first experience with the two authors writting as a duo. The story centers on Sloane, a huge John Hughes and Molly Ringwald fan, as she tries to catch her own Jake, all while trying to survive high school. The book is loosly based on one of my favorite teen movies, Sixteen Candles, and reminded me of my youth. I listened to it over the course of a few evenings with my teenaged daughter. We both loved the story and the narration done by Joyce Oven was very well done. I would definitely recommend this book to others and I am going to continue on to next next book in the series with my daughter as my listening partner.”
Top 10 Tips for Happiness: Quick and Easy Ways to Create More Happiness in Your Life “This a quick listen that provides 10 Tips, plus a bonus tip, to help you have a happier and less stressful life. Some of the tips are things that I normally do, some are things that I have heard of before but haven't taken the time to practice and a couple were new to me. While This book was not written with the Covid pandemic in mind, I listened to it while I was sheltering from home and practicing social distancing -- what better time for tips on living a happier life? The book will not take up too much of your time and the tips are useful, I would recommend reading/listening to them. I have read other books by Ann Omasta but C.M. Love is a new author for me. It was interesting to hear Ann's voice for the narration.”
Finding Zelda “The title Finding Zelda was perfect for this book. The main character, Zelda, allows her family to take advantage of her and she goes along for the sake of keeping the peace. The story begins with Zelda's father abandoning the family and her losing her job and her home all within a short time. We are able to watch her personal growth as she road trips with her cranky, but endearing, granfather. As the relationship between the two of them grows, so does Zelda's realization of what she wants out of life. This was my first book by this author but it won't be the last. Sue Ann Jaffarian did a wonderful job taking us Zelda's journey of self discovery and narrator Carrie Coello truly brings the characters to life. I was given this audio book at my request and am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion in this review.”
The Scarlet Wedding “Newly engaged William and Emma are preparing for their wedding when life starts putting up obstacles. William puts his life in potential danger to save his family and Emma's sister becomes very ill. Can the two get through their trials by leaning on the families, each other and God? This was a heartwarming story of faith, family and and community, it held a little mystery and suspense in a western setting. I am a fan of Ms. Hoopes ' modern day romances and I enjoyed this historical western. I am not usually a fan of male narrators for romance, but Ted Doolittle did an excellent job and I would definitely listen to other stories narrated by him.”
Lost Memories and New Beginnings “As a fan of romantic suspense novels, I was happy to see that Lorena Hoopes had started the Men of Fire Beach series. I really loved book one and book two did not disappoint. I love her books and that she self narrates her stories. Lost Memories begins with our heroine waking up in a hospital with amnesia. Her doctor, Brody Cavanaugh, is a handsome widower who feels the need to protect his patient. As she begins to gain her memory, Tia begins to realize that, only wasn't she a very nice person, but that she is in danger. Can she convince Brody to take a chance on love and escape the danger following her. The story grabbed my interest right away (and kept it) and it was the perfect length for an afternoon listen.”
Love Renewed “I am definitely a fan of Lorana Hoopes and this book did not disappoint! I love a book with a mix of romance and a little suspense. The story finds Kaitlyn and Dillon reuniting during the holidays and old feelings rekindling. Narrator Janine Brands did a wonderful job voicing the characters. I would definitely recommend this book to others.”
The Fine Line Between Love and Hate “This was my exposure to author Ashley Erin but I will definitely be checking out more of her work. I absolutely loved this story! Evie is someone that I would love to have a a friend, she is so vibrant and fun, -- and don't get me started on her love of books. Charlie is wound so tight you're just waiting for him to snap. The two are not instant buddies but, after time are able to open up ,or in Charlie's case loosen up, to each other. The garden gnomes were hilarious and I found myself wondering if you can actually but them. Narrator Heather Firth did a wonderful job bringing the characters to life. I would definitely recommend this book to others. I was given this audio book at my request and am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion in this review.”