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Siobhan Dilks
One Hundred Reasons “I loved listening to Logan McAllister, he was perfect for this book Big hearted nurse Sage gets the opportunity to move to a new town and start up a B&B. She meets not so sweet Cannon , who has his own issues. Even beyond the grave Bea managed to play an important part in everyone's lives, A great story”
Hoss: A Rough Romance “Lost time Jack calihan has a dark moody sexy voice, that is ,perfect for this book. The last time Morgan saw Remington was just before, she left him standing and waiting for on prom night. 20 years later , after leaving the military ,he is surprised to find on his door step asking for help and protection. Oh yes he is will to protect her , under his rules. Spanking, hard sex and his domaint ways. I did enjoy the characters, just want Morgan to be a less grudge holding.... This is a love story, with a murder or two .”
The Forgotten Fortune: An Archaeological Thriller (The Jack Reilly Adventures Book 1) “strength and courage I really enjoyed listening to Matthew Crow. He made the characters and plot come together and life. A roller coaster. Nazi treasure under a place full of pain and horror. You have also the Knights of the Templar, under ground caves. A ex Delta Force soldier, whose family history, is intertwined with the history of the place of horrible pain. In between all the action, is a sence of humour. I found myself really liking Jack Reilly our hero. I loved the fact he talked to himself. I hope we have more from Jack Reilly.”