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Amber Everett
Book have been my passion since i was in elementary school. They are my escape from the world.
Favorite Audiobook
I could never narrow it down to just one book or even a list. My favorite books would Incase a house.
Broken Rules “I’m giving this 3stars because it felt like it was only the beginning of the story instead of a whole book. I definitely want more and can see the story going in a good direction. Only other thing I didn’t like was in the audio version it was a American voice actor instead of British and her voice was very young sounding for the characters in my opinion.”
Daughter of Death (Dark Provenance Series, Book 1) “Such a great book. The characters and their Report with each other is everything you should want to read. The change of POV at the end of the book is masterful. Such a well written book, it was my pleasure to read.”
Bonds of Cupidity “Yep better then the first. It’s still hilarious with the best dimwit you can’t help but love. A few extra hot Territorial males. Life or death and action and adventure. Don’t forget about sexy time. What more could one ask for in a book.”
Signs of Cupidity “This book is hilarious. I mean look like a manic because your clutching your sides and laughing out loud hilarious. The main character is so dimwitted you can’t help but love her. The guys are so diverse in There personalities you can only love them. I recommend this for anyone or loves paranormal, rom-com, and naughty jokes.”
Divine Fate- the Complete Series “Fallen meets Fallen Academy. Two of my favorite angel and demon stories combined into one. I really feel this was a great intro into an exciting new series. Alicia did an amazing job. Natalie has such a soothing voice that just locales you into the story. Her voice was spot on in my opinion.”