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Polli Campbell
Release “Sorry. I can't gush about the narration but it sufficed. The main protagonist was a dominant male so the reader managed to fulfill that part, Having read some of DJ's other books (mainly the Tangled Vines series) I was expecting the usual emphasis on domination and spanking. I was also pleasantly surprised by this book being set in the UK. The story revolves around Holden Tremayne and the 'curse' he has to live with which means he lives a double life, Maizie (his love interest), an online prize winning game which puts Maizie and her team in danger and how Holden finds a way to break said curse. This was slow to start but turned into an enjoyable story, so a pleasant Sunday was spent listening to this book. I received this book from audio books unleashed in return for an honest review.”
Bound “Without giving too much away this is a crazy tale that mixes the supernatural with myhth and legend and places it in another crazy world made up by a group of unusual characters who live in London and are connected by the Savoy Hotel. This is a fun read/listen. This bunch of unique characters appear in other books of this series but you can read or listen to this book as a standalone. I received this book from audio books unleashed in return for an honest and unbiased review of the book.”
Circling Back: A BBW Menage Romance “It took a while to get used to the slight in the recording and the 4 or 5 obvious restarts that I was prepared to ignore because I got this copy free in return for an honest review. However if I was paying for this I would complain because it obviously hadn't been checked or edited before release. The narrator while well spoken, did not differntate voices very well and the plot was extremely predictable. That said if you aren't that interested in having a great action adventure story line but want to read/listen to lots of sex scenes then this is for you. The story revolves around 3 people who had a relationship in their youth which ended and then twenty years later circumstances bring them back together. Obviously other things happen and there's a small mystery, all well written but, as said, predictable.”
Cruel Masters “This was a new author and narrator for me and,, sadly, both were a little disappointing. The story, while interesting in some places, had very little world building and depth. There's several flaws in the plot that makes it unbelievable. And if you get a copy of the ebook there's several typos in that as well. I often felt that a good editor would have spotted this and forced a correction because it is so annoying for the reader/ listener. Also, there was only one narrator, a male, who didn't quite get the female voice, and his voice felt, to me, slightly creepy. Basically this is a story that relies on the readers desire to enjoy female degradation and humiliation, and an ability to believe that said degradation could eventually manifest in true love to all three men in a very short space of time, where they get to have an HEA. Obviously, as you can tell, I was not a keen fan. I have to have a level of believability when investing time in a book and this one fell short for me I received this book free in return for an honest review.”