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Sanji Kin
Paid to Kneel: A Steamy Gay BDSM Romance “Plot: Interesting concept of future world where prostitution is institutionalized; majority of the story ‘reads’ like a BDSM primer as Richard is systematically introduced to Ash’s world; single POV - Richard Feels: Couldn’t connect with Ash, really wished this was told with dual POV Drama: A bit of angst as Richard blossoms as a sub and develops feelings for Ash Heat: 3/5 Characters: You really end up rooting for Richard; Ash is such a mystery until the end Pacing: slow-burn romance, though not a slow-burn erotica Length: Just right Ending: HEA + appreciated epilogue Performance: Gavin McAllister delivers another engaging and solid narration”
The Golden Angel Boy “Plot: The blurb literally says it all. Interesting writing-style where the story starts off with an artistic flair, generous scenic descriptions and purple prose and then changes mid-way to graphically detailed erotica. Feels: Unexpectedly, a good little diversion when dealing with ‘book hangover’ Drama: None Heat: 2/5 Characters: confused MC who thinks he’s hallucinating and a horny celestial being Pacing: ok Length: mini Ending: HFN...there’s a reference to book two, which doesn’t seem to be available right now Performance: Clear, solid narration”
Mating the Enemy (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) “Plot: Seth and Aleksi’s instalove, prologue to longer saga spanning multiple books of shifters warring against ability users called psy (assuming short for psychic) in order to save humankind and the world Feels: Couldn’t really connect with either MC Drama: Considering Seth is running away from his psy family (a family focused on world domination) and Aleksi is an enemy shifter...tons Heat: 2/5 Characters: There are no references to A/B/O specifications often found in other shifter stories, but there were quite a few instances of Aleksi treating Seth as ‘lesser’ or needing protection, to which Seth reacts like a ruffled porcupine, apologies happen, and repeat Pacing: ok Length: short Ending: HEA for Seth and Aleksi (following books cover different couples), HFN for backstory Performance: Good solid narration”