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I need to read/listen. I LOVE to read/listen. I am like a junkie that needs the next fix when I go without reading for any length of time. Any book/audiobook can take the edge off (just a bit), but only a really good book/audiobook can satisfy my desire. An excellent book/audiobook can take me over the top straight into ecstasy. Keeping coming back for more and desperate to reach my next fill. Books/audiobooks keep me dreaming, feigning, swooning, fearing, tearing, jeering, laughing, smiling, hoping, wishing, preying, waiting, desiring, loving, and much, much more. Reading/listening is in my blood. Reading/listening is in my every waking desire. Reading/listening is my long walks, hot dreams, summer swim at midnight. Reading/listening is the ticket to that one exotic destination that can only be reached in my mind.   Fiction . . .Chick Lit, Women's Fiction, Humors, Classics, Romance (Regency, Historical, Classic, Erotic, YA, IRR, Multicultural, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, heck! a combination of them as long as romance is in there somewhere), Non-fiction, Self-Help, Auto/Biographies ....    FOREVER FAVORITES...with repeat listens  1.Gone with the Wind By: Margaret Mitchell Narrated by: Linda Stephens   2.The Count of Monte Cristo By: Alexander Dumas Narrated by: Peter Batchelor    Review Links     Audible - Amazon - GoodReads - BookBub -
Favorite Audiobook
Not one specific. I have a few and for different reasons.
The Rake is Taken “It took me no time at all to jump right in to Finn and Victoria's journey to romance. I loved Finn from The Lady is Trouble. I love his maturity and his dedication to the League. I fell in love with the group of extraordinary league members and the battalion of soldiers. In this story we get a new addition to the league that has something both men (Fine and the Duke) need. But there is one that needs her so much more and for reasons that mean so much to him. We see a true test of loyalty, love, and brotherhood. Kimberly M. Wetherell made an impact with this introduction to me and the audio narration world. I very much enjoyed her various inflections, pitches, tones, and variation in male and female. I felt her voice fit the genre.”
The Lady is Trouble “It took me a bit to get into the special gifts and the historical nature of the story. I did get with the program and enjoyed my journey of Piper and Julian along with the League with all its fascinating characters. Once I got on a roll, I could not stop. I went straight from Julian and Piper to Finn and Victoria then to the Duke. I fell in love with the group of extraordinary league members and the battalion of soldiers. Kimberly M. Wetherell made an impact with this introduction to me and the audio narration world. I very much enjoyed her various inflections, pitches, tones, and variation in male and female. I felt her voice fit the genre.”
Their Second Chance At Love: BWWM, BBW, Plus Size, Divorcee, Second Chance Love, Billionaire Romance “I was engaged for the time it took to get through the story. Narrator was okay but for me did not fit this particulate story. The female lead did not shine. An assistant outshined her. The male voice was a bit feminine for me. There was no connection. The story itself was easily forgotten.”
Man Candy “Overall 3 out of 5 stars Performance 4 out of 5 stars Story 2 out of 5 stars reluctant cougar... Ava was very reluctant to be a cougar. She started the night out right with expectations that exceed what she knew she would find. Then things change in a different direction. By morning 40 yr-old Ava will have joined the cougar club. Simple. Slow. Short. I enjoyed the narrator. For me it was the story that had the problem.”
Hate to Love You “It was a challenge in the lives of both males. The two of them come to learn over time that they had much in common. One had a protective streak that was mile wide. He would do anything for the other. The strong female of this story was a secondary character and should could have taught a few others somethings. Dexter and Matthew were in a love hate relationship long before one knew what was going on. One uniting event allowed them both to see something more between them. I advise those that are triggered by bigoted words, language or the such to take caution when reading. I was very angry with the treatment of Matthew and Dexter, but I love a story where the two preserve. Guy Veryzer was a good narrator at times I felt like Matt was a bit on the child (male) voice. But it grew on me and I went on to enjoy the audio.”
Bad Breed MC “What I enjoy most about this audio was the way the dual (duo) narration ran together. Male for male voice and a feminine for female voice. The way that they splice the voices together felt more like a cohesive blending. The story was the first that I have listened to from Amanda Heartley. I find a different world in each new MC romance that I come across. To see how the woman would fit in to the world of her man. Flynn and Jo were not first time acquaintances. They know each other from a time long ago. We meet Flynn and his crew while they are exiting their home turf. We get to see how Flynn and Jo meet again and start something new. Then we get to see Jo figure out she is in love and will do what is needed to have her man. This girl was ballsy. You learn respect, courage, brotherhood and a few other things. There is some blood shed and violence.”
Snowflake Kisses “Overall 3 out of 5 stars Performance 3 out of 5 stars Story 4 out of 5 stars Reviewed: 11-03-21 Sometimes you have to go home to start over. Sometimes going home can open up new possibilities and clear old hurts. These two former best friends find out that time is no deterrent to the friendship they had built over years. Narrator did the job for the females but missed the mark for males. Mack sound more feminine than male.”
Drawn to You: A Single Dad Opposites Attract Romance “alpha omega chemistry loss love baby I immediately loved Dylan. He was a kind, loving, strong, single-father with at grieving heart, loving family, and an intensity he didn't even know he possessed. At least that was until he needed it. Jack well let me see. What did I like most about him beside the sacrifice he was willing to make. He was guarded in a since and he was vegan. That was one of the stranger things about him. He was conscious but not typical. He was strong, but not overpowering. He was himself. I did enjoy this short step in to the world of mm romance and alpha and omega's. Jack Calihan did a good job providing the contrast of two strong male in their own right and allowing you to visually see the difference like a movie in your head. The audio was clear, clean, and the quality was good.”
Goofy Newfies “Sweet, clean, some humor, some tears, some joy, some sad, some of a lot of things. This was not easily defined as one single read in one single way. It was warm, cheerful, and more. There was something there that just stayed with you well after you left the book. I enjoyed meeting all the characters both human (Lily) and non-human (Rascal, Ruby, Rowdy, Riley, Red, and Ripple). There was something about the faithful loving demeanor of the little (okay not so little) Newfoundland puppies. If you are just looking for a little pick me up or just need a smile or a cry. Then you found that with this one. I loved it. The power of puppy love. Was a quick smooth listen. It helped lighten up the day.”
Flux – Starblind Book 3 “Things have gotten better . . . more of more Say it isn’t so. Zula kidnapped. Zula. Ms. Logic. Well besides being kidnapped Zula gets implanted with a device that gives her the emotions that she did not display. I will not say she did not have them. I just saying she did not show them. Okay. Back to the kidnapping. She gets kidnapped and then rescued. During this time, she finds that the emotions that have been implanted changes her. With this addition to the series, we get Zula and her past and present, we get a new sexy would be hero, we get some new twist, new races, new laughs, new action and drama. The series has certainly evolved forward. There’s growth from the first two books. It changes have added an extra layer of flavor and holds you to look forward for the next book in the series. Narration Review . . . Ashely Holt has picked up her game with this installment. There was something a little different but not unpleasant. I find that I feel a bit more drawn to the voices she has created for he characters. There was more of a focus with the newer characters created in this installment. I am finding a connection with her and this series.”
Parallax – Starblind Book 2 “Tameza and Eron have a connection and more The first read was not really needed to follow the second follow-up. Jane and crew makes appearances, but it was not the soul of the story. This time around we find that it a pair of Mazatimz that capture our attention. Tamzea was a healer by nature. She had heartbreak in her past. She had nightmares. And she missed Eron so much. She felt his loss to her soul. I found this one to be a different view on a world(s) of various beings. At the same time I found it to be similar to the fact there will always be one that feel superior and feel its their right to squash out others. Narrator review. . . I am sure this would not be what anyone wants to hear of their work but for me Ashely did not provide enough of a various from book one’s narration. I felt her voice was more suited to Jane. I also felt that the feminine voices were a bit too similar. I felt the male voice had not real distinction. Some of the other audio quality issues that were present in book one’s audio seem to have been addressed in this recording. I find that for me this was much more pleasing at a higher speed rate.”
Starblind – Starblind, Book 1 “Elusive Ash and more about Jane I find that I am introduced to a universe without Earth. Earth had long since been destroyed. Chimay/The Pittsburgh was a starship with a crew full of interesting characters. This time around we get an up close and personal of Jane, the captain of the Pittsburgh. She finds that she has a problem on her hands. One that eludes her most times and intrigues her other times. Ash, the elusive, becomes a target of Jane and her crew. He was so much more than he appeared to be. Ash was the best part of the whole story. I loved him immediately. I loved a lot of the secondary characters. I took me a bit to warm up to Jane. Elusive Ash and more about Jane Narrator Review of . . . Ashley Holt’s performance. It was good. I got the various tones and dictions changes, but was disappointed by the main male character. He sounded more feminine. I enjoyed the lull of the cadence to the audio recording all this was enjoyed on an enhanced speed. There were some odd pauses during the audio.”