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Pamela Dixon
Pilgrimage: H7N9 Book 3 “This is an amazing series! It's very entertaining and engaging. The narratior is very good and easy to listen to. I definitely would recommend this series to anyone who loves post apocalyptic fiction. I've listened to all three books in this series including this one and they all were great listens!”
Absolution: H7N9 Book 2 “Even Better! Wow! The second book in this series was even better than the first! A lot more action! The main character keeps me guessing. I never can guess what he might say or do next! This has been a great series so far. Very entertaining! Now on the 3rd book! Narration is great too!”
Molters: The Molting Book 1 “This was a really great listen. Its kind of hard to describe! Let's just say it was different! In a good way! I really enjoyed this and would recommend this listen. The narration was good and the character development was a little confusing at 1st, but once it gets going it becomes clear.”
Penitence: H7N9 Book 1 “This book really hits close to home since I am currently listening to it during the current covid-19 pandemic! The viral infection in this story is much more deadly than covid-19! The main character begins his journey in this 1st novel of the series just as the virus begins its spread. I can't wait to listen to the second book in this series to see where he ends up next! The narration was fantastic. The characters were engaging and I would recommend this great book to anyone who likes pandemic or apocalyptic novels.”
Dead State: Survival Road “Excellent! I am really enjoying the Zombie series! I wish the second book in this series would have been a little bit longer though. I am looking forward to the next book, this one ended on a cliffhanger. Duke, the dog, is my favorite character! He is described throughout the first two books so realistically! The narration is also great!”
Dead State: Executioner “Great YA novel! This third book in the series was just as good as the first two! It is also a great read for young adult.”
Dead State: Fallout “Enjoy this! Excellent story! This is an excellent Zombie Survival book to listen to! I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I would also like to mention that it is a great read for young adults. I would give it a PG rating his far as language, violence, ect. I enjoyed the characters in the story they were engaging and interesting and kept my attention. I really love Duke, the dog!”