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Sheri MacNutt
The Duke’s Unveiling “This story isn't bad but isn't that good either. The narrator make some of the young ladies sound like old women with rough voices. That or maybe they smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.”
Vikings (Book 1) “The story is good but very short. If you like a story wrapped up in a nice bow, this isn't it. It leaves you with questions. I guess it's a good thing there are more books in the series.”
To Seduce A Rogue “The narrator does extremely well bringing the voices and characters to life. The story isn't all roses and sunshine with a happy ever after. The characters have to work for what they want. I really enjoyed the story. If you like historical romance that has a little heat, this one is a must.”
The Duke’s Governess in Disguise “I really enjoyed this story and the narrator did a nice job of bringing the characters to life. I think it will be interesting to see what happened during the switch with Ava.”
Amelia’s Mail Order Husband (Texas Brides, Book 2) “There is still a lot of simple, short lines in this book. While most of the story was as good, I had a hard time with the description of Bruce. Maybe people were a lot smaller back then but the way Bruce is portrayed makes it sound like he's gigantic. I also had no idea from the first book that Jude was such a nasty bully. The best scene is the very last chapter and it has left me wondering how Alma and Jude are going to react.”
Alma’s Mail Order Husband “This is a good, clean romance. The narrator does a nice job but could work on his different voices a bit. It doesn't end in a cliffhanger but does set things up for the next book. I'm going to listen to the next book in the series and see how things progress.”
Calm Surrender “I really enjoyed this story. Kamari is a strong woman used to being on her own and taking care of her own problems. Then one night she runs into something she can't handle on her own but who can she turn to? Cassidy is a widower who has been raising his son on his own. The two of them need to learn to trust each other before it's too late. I love that Kamari is a strong woman and even though she needs help, she never acts helpless. This is a clean story but there is still romance and a hint of spiciness.”
A Bride for Adam “After Seth's death the story is slow and takes time to get going and have anything interesting happen. There are times during the beginning, where I found it difficult to figure out the time lines. The last have of the story is much better.”
Pretty Little Werewolf : Young Adult Shifter Fantasy “Can a teen who is different find a family who will love and accept her? Can Giselle open up and finally trust someone other than herself? I really enjoyed this story. It was well written and had enough drama and action to keep the story moving at a good pace. The story covers questions that teens face on a regular basis and shows how complicated relationships can be.”
Mail Order Bride: Westward Winds (Montana Mail Order Brides, Book 1) “While there are some nice family dynamics and scene there are many historical inconsistencies. The author also has places where she switches speakers after quick sentences so you end up with a lot of he said, she said. It's aggravating and hard to follow. I will try the next book in the series to see if it improves. I did like the narrator and will listen to more books he narrates. He does a good job at giving each character a voice and bringing out their personality.”