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Amy Green
The Importance of Being Eunice “Such a cute and heart warming story. This is a really sweet story so get your sweet tooth ready. It just gives you all the warm good feelings. 5 heartwarming stars!!”
The Fury Queen’s Harem “Good but.... This is a 3.5 for me. It was a good story but there was so much information thrown at you that if you blink you might miss something. I would say give it a try but this story is mixed with everything! Like fey that are Aliens, Witches Mating Archangels. Yes, all that and more! So if you want a story with a little bit of every paranormal creature this is the story for you.”
Wolflord “Good Good narrations and a good story. I’m going to get the next book in the series.”
The Dragon’s Human “Fast pace The story was very fast pace. I also didn’t realize it was the second book in the series. So yeah. The male narrator voice remember me of the dude from dragnet and how he would finish sentences. It was funny at first but not so much but the end. Kai and Lucy were ok I didn’t feel the heat and the connection between the two. Their part was a little flat and not much romance. Since I didn’t read the first book I can’t say if the plot is moving a love or not. I’m also, not going to fault the author for what o didn’t understand this review is on this books. Without the connection and romance this story just didn’t do it for me. However, I want to see what happens withe everyone. I would suggest to the author to slow the pace down and give the leads time to really get to know each other.”