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Nix Hardy
Twisted Crown “Omg what a book ! An absolute must listen, my heart broke for beauty and the princess , I cant believe this is based on true story , I felt so many emotions listening to this book”
Caught in the Flames “I loved this book so much! Callie moves into a new home and meets the sexy firefighter Chase, shame there's things and people constantly getting in the way, but the story plays out perfectly, this book had me laughing out loud , cursing and wanting to slap people and it made me cry too (you've been warned) but I would listen to it over and over again because it is a brilliant story that's brilliantly written and narrated and it leaves you feeling so satisfied bit wanting more all at the same time , my first kacey shea book , it won't be my last .”
Counting on You “I enjoyed this audiobook a lot , it was a nice light hearted listen with some great and funny moments from Haleigh after she agrees to help Ian with his dating app the narrator did a good job for both male and female parts and managed to keep me interested, a good listen”
What Would It Take “wow this book had it all , hot sexy quarterback , strong independent women and an evil ex who literally wont stop at anything to get what's hers , I loved how well this story line worked it was engaging and fast paced but u didn't feel like u were missing anything and the narration was second to none ! I highly recommend this audiobook”
Consumed “I'm not normally into paranormal but this book has some massive hype so I thought I'd give it a go and I am so glad I did! it doesnt really focus on the paranormal part more focused on the relationship between the two characters which was very intense ! it is a dark romance and that was more focused on but boy was it hot! narration as per was perfect by Meghan Kelly, she does both female and Male parts brilliantly highly recommended, especially if you're not sure about paranormal , this has made me want to give more a go”
Vampires Don’t Give Hickeys “ok I think I've said it before that I'm not usually into paranormal romance but I heard people raving about this book so I had to give it a try and I'm so glad I did , I absolutely loved it , I think I'm converted . what more can you want from a book than a vampire slayer and 3 sexy vamps trying to lure her to the 'dark side' the narrator was amazing too it felt like the scenes were playing out in front of you, it just sucked you in and kept you hooked the whole time I cant wait to listen to the rest of the series.”
Cadence: Untouched (Cadence Duet Book 1) “I don't know how to put this review into words , I loved this story , Fitz is made to help out at a summer camp for a bad mistake he made , he seemed a bit cocky at first but was soon showing his sweet side , Zachary Webber really narrated his character well Candace was a sweet niave girl who was really brought to life by Lacy Laurel the story was written brilliantly and even tho I kind of guessed what would happen at the end it didn't take away from how much I loved the story”