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Rebecca Webeck
I love cont. romance, PNR, Fantasy Romance, MM, MF, and MMF Romance. Basically anything dirty. 😉😉
Favorite Audiobook
The Right Stuff “Impressive! I generally don’t feel like shorter stories are very complete, But this one sure did. It really had “The Right Stuff”! It also had a good ending. This is a new author to me but I excited to listen to more from her! The Narrator was a bit lacking.”
The Heart of a Hero “The story has a really good Foundation and I probably would have given it 5 stars if it was a bit longer and not rush threw the last 3/4 of the book. D.C. Cole did a good job. His voice draws you in right away, I felt like he started to read faster as the book was ending, that’s the only reason I didn’t give him 5 stars.”
The Devil Duke “Not really my type of story, but it was interesting. Narrator sounded like an actual child for the main female character.”
Mated by Magic, the series “This is a hard review for me because the stories are REALLY GOOD, yet I felt like some parts were cut a bit short. Still things were all complete, nothing was left undone. Maybe a bit more background in a few characters would have been good. I’m so glad to have taken a chance on this book. And the 4th book was my favorite. I laughed so much. The narrator was good. But there were a few times in book 4 that I had a hard time knowing who was talking because there wasn’t any distinction in the voices. Definitely would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in some paranormal sexy, fun and adventure!!”
All for One “It had the bases of being a really good story. Unfortunately, this just has to many holes in it. A good ending of a short story can be difficult to pull off, but this ending seemed to rushed and incomplete. The narrative was mostly alright- a few times I cringed at the sound of the males, and was not sure what was really said. But I’ve heard way worse.”
From a Distance “Be sure to start this book when you can listen uninterrupted! This book kept me up all night! It was a great story. Definitely, going to want to read this!!! It had so much emotion. Such a crazy ride. Heartbreaking to heartwarming. And Avie Paige did Amazing with narration! I had to double check that there was only one narrator because the voices were so distinct. I highly recommend this Book!!”
Double or Nothing – A Royal Sports Menage Romance “Hot, Sexy, fun for a virgin princess and two football stars. MFM with a HEA!”
Home to You “Wow, this was a great story with all the feels. So heart wrenching and heartwarming. Great characters and I loved the supporting characters as much as the main ones. Be prepared to cry, laugh, and feel the passion. The narrative was so good, as well.”
The Novel Approach “4.5 STARS!! Such a Great Story!! Some funny, with a splash of sexy, bit of cute, ending with a HEA! Really what more could you ask for.???? I so would recommend this book to others and I so will be looking for more books by Heather Guimond. I also found a new Narrator that Ill be looking for in future books as well!”
All of Me “What a cute story! Funny and sexy also. You Definitely will not regret getting this book and the narrators did a great job as well!”
Cowboys in Her Heart: Moose Ranch (Cowboys Online Book 4) “This wasnt my favorite in the series but I am anxious to see what happens next:) I enjoyed the other books before this one more.”
His Reluctant Cowboy “From the very beginning this book draws you in. And its a really good story. Some parts were a bit cheesy but not ridiculously so. The narrator was good accept the female voices, were a bit dramatic. This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.”