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Donna-Marie Liney
One Hundred Reasons “This is book 1 in the Aspen Cove series. Without giving too much of the story away Sage gets the opportunity to move to a new town and meets grumpy Cannon and this is their story. I always enjoy reading books by Kelly Collins and I have to say listening is also superb. Selecting a male narrator for a predominantly girly story was a good choice. A must listen for Kelly fans.”
One Hundred Heartbeats “I always enjoying reading Kelly’s books and also listening to them. They take you into a fantasy world which I sometimes wish I lived. Katie loves her new life in Aspen Cove, loving her Bakery, her Friends. Bowie doesn’t want to be in Aspen Cove as it has too many bad memories. To know their story you have to listen, you will not be disappointed.”
One Hundred Wishes “With Kelly’s Aspen Cove series you almost know what you are going to get and I for one love listening to them, you get a mix of everything, Confusion, Joy, Sadness but most of all you feel the LOVE. Fabulous narration by Logan”
One Hundred Promises “Logan McAllister is a brilliant narrator and I really enjoy listening him bring Kelly’s already fabulous books to life. Wes doesn’t want the big city life and lives in Aspen Cove, Lydia thinks she should be at a big city hospital and is only in Aspen Cove covering the clinic for Doc. Will one go or will one stay, take a listen and find out for yourself..”