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A Fool’s Journey “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own. This is the third book in the Marketville Mystery series. It is a standalone book and has no cliffhanger ending. If you were to start with this book in the series, I believe you would not be lost or in any way inhibited in understanding the characters or their motivations. There are several references to events in prior books but the author provides a quick summary and overall, these prior events do not impact the current actions. Although, I would recommend any of the other books in the series. I really enjoy the way the author writes from the first person POV of the main character Callie. Callie is a very likeable and relatable main character. The mystery is a missing person's case of a young man who walked away from his family and now, many years later, may have contacted his grandmother. What I really enjoy about this mysteries series is that from each mystery, you learn something new. This one delved into a bit of Tarot and into tattoos. I find the manner in which Callie and her friends investigate the mysteries to be very interesting, although I wish that Misty had been featured a bit more prominently as she is the Tarot card expert. Overall, a very enjoyable mystery series. The narrator, Karen Satter, has a Canadian accent - which is appropriate as this occurs in Canada. However, I found her to be very dry and somewhat detached from the warmth of Callie's character. While she did a good job - comparing her to the previous narrator in this series, Claira Jordyn, who oozed warmth and sincerity, I found Ms. Satter to be a bit lacking.”
Skeletons in the Attic “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions posted herein are my own. This is the first book in the Marketville Mystery series. If you have read this author's other series - Glass Dolphin Mysteries - you will find some crossover in locations and a few characters. One of the strengths of this book is the MC Callie [Calamity], who is very relatable. She is surrounded by a group of friends, who help in various ways to solve the mystery of Callie's mother's disappearance. I really enjoyed the mystery and how several of the characters are presented in such a way that you are not sure if they are friends or adversaries to Callie. What I felt to be a bit of the downfall of this story was the ending. I do not want to go into any detail as that would be a big spoiler but suffice it to say that the wrap up seemed rushed and to me, a bit unbelievable. I also found Callie's reaction to the solution of the mystery to be oddly lackluster - which seemed to be a bit [for lack of a better term] out of character. The narrator, Claira Jordyn, has a wonderful warm voice which is very pleasant. Her voice did a great job in conveying the emotionalism of Callie's character.”
A Shattered Mind “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own. This is a quick story which has an intriguing premise, good dry humor and a likeable MC. However, it was a bit predictable and the ending was a very quick wrap up. The MC is a male and is told in the first person. The book is narrated by Ann Bumbak, a female, so that slightly threw me as I was listening to the story. While she did a fine job, the female narration took me out of the story a bit.”
Baskets & Caskets “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own. This is the third book in the Bones and Drones series. It is not a standalone book and it does have a bit of a cliffhanger ending. [I am assuming that the series is going to continue?] You have to read/listen to the first two book in the series to have any understanding as to the events occurring in this book. It is best if you actually read all of the books in a row as each one picks up soon or immediately after the last one ended. While the author provides a bit of a recap, it is really not enough to fully understand the previous events from the other books. This book mostly is a wrap/solving of the mystery of the from the first two books. Paislee is coming more into her own and a bit of a romance is brewing. Overall, it was an enjoyable wrap up. The narrator, Carrie Coello, is the same for all three books in the series and did a fine job.”
Brooms & Tombs “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own. This is the second book in the Bones and Drones series. It is not a standalone and it does have a cliffhanger ending. This book is a continuation of book 1 and if you do not start there, you will be lost. The author does provide a few quick summaries of events from book 1 but not enough that a reader will be able to just dive in at this point. This is a YA book and the MC character Paislee is solving a murder mystery - and the adults are really not that involved. I really like Paislee's quirky character and she is into a lot of odd things for a young girl [forensic facial reconstruction and historical research]. Paislee's family dynamic is fun and realistic. Plus there is some nice humor sprinkled throughout. The narrator, Carrie Coello, is the same throughout the series and does a nice job. There were a few repeat phrases or sentences which were not caught during quality control.”
The Duke’s Governess in Disguise “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own. This is the second book in the Fairfax Twins series. It is a standalone with no cliffhanger ending. You do not have to read the first book in the series to enjoy this one. I enjoyed the first book in this series and soon thereafter I read this book. While I really like the premise of this book [Prince and the Pauper retelling] and the manner in which the author writes, there is a lot of repetition which is the reason I downgraded it - I probably would have rated it higher if I had not just read the first book. The book starts almost exactly the same as the first book in the series. Instead of a brief summary of events which occurred in the first book, they are completely rehashed - some of it exactly [word for word]. Additionally, the POV of the story changes by chapter between the MC of the Duke and Emily. Again, the same scenes are rehashed - providing very little if any additional information from the new POV. Several times, I had thought I was listening to the same scene again that there was an error in the QC but no, it was only that the POV had changed. I really enjoyed the characters and this book had a bit of mystery to it which I rather enjoyed. The story is clean with a bit of romance and some nice humor. I felt that between the two books, I probably enjoyed this one more. The narrators, Duke DeFoix and Duchess DeFoix, did a very good job and have very pleasant voices.”
Spirits, Pies, and Alibis “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own. This is the first book in The Witches of Pinecroft Cove series. It starts in a similar vein to a lot of cozies in that the MC loses her job, her boyfriend, and her home which then allows her to, in essence, return back home. In this case, the MC Tamsyn moves in with her great aunt to help with the bed & breakfast and while living there, learns that her family and Tamsyn herself are all witches. Besides being a witch, there's also fun paranormal elements to this story. Tamsyn is a very likeable character - adorable even. I especially liked her conversations with her great aunt - which often brought a chuckle. I really liked that the awkward boy who had a childhood crush on her was now a very handsome doctor and that there was no insta-love between the characters. The mystery was interesting and entertaining. The narrator, Stephanie Murphy, made you almost feel as if a friend were telling you a story - her voice was warm and inviting with just the right amount of tongue in cheek whimsy.”
Nightscape “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own. This book is labeled as horror but it is actually more paranormal. I did not find the story to be scary or creepy. There were several plot holes, which you just have to accept to move the story along. The ending, to me, did not mesh with the rest of the story. There was some good humor. The narrator, Rebecca Ehrenpreis, was oddly flat and at times almost robotic. The character voice for Bonnie [Evan's mother] was just odd - kind of Betty Boopish and the detective's voice reminded me of Droopy, the Bassett Hound cartoon character.”
The Duke’s Bride in Disguise “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own. This is a female version of The Prince and the Pauper. Twins, who are separated at birth, are raised in a wealthy and a poor/servant household respectively. They meet by chance and switch places. It's cute and clean. There is not a lot of conflict or turmoil nor is this very deep but nonetheless, it was a very pleasant diversion. The narration, done by both a male and female voice, reflects the changing POV between the Duke and Ava [the pauper twin]. I liked the narrators, Duke Defoix and Duchess DeFoix, and found the switching of their narration to be very smooth and entertaining.”
Queen of Dragons “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own. This story is not a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty but rather the story of Sleeping Beauty picks up when her daughter Azia is told that her parents have arranged her marriage - trouble is that Azia does not like her soon-to-be husband and wants to embark on her own adventures. So, she tells a white lie to keep the marriage at bay... This is the first book in the series. It is not a standalone and does end on a cliffhanger. Having said that, the story about Azia trying to come into her own is very engaging but the undercurrent to Azia's hope for independence is Sleeping Beauty's curse and how Sleeping Beauty was actually rescued. I found the way the author deftly wove together Azia's story and Sleeping Beauty's story to be very interesting and at the end of this book, I found myself wanting to know more. This is great family fare. The narrator, Melody Muzljakovich, is terrific. She makes these characters come alive through her narration. She provides distinct voices for all of the characters and made this a very enjoyable and entertaining listen.”
The Mistletoe Haunting: Legend of Minster Lovell “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own. What an interesting ghost story told from the POV of the ghost! The story is so well-written that author was able to deftly weave the story between two timelines and cause you to empathize with a ghost. This ghost story is not scary or anything that will give you nightmares but it is an enjoyable story of love and betrayal on a wedding day. - where the characters are from the past but also reincarnated to the present. Very entertaining. The narrator, Lesley Dessalles, was really perfect for this book. She is able to convery the sadness of the ghost telling the story which pulls you into the narrative. She has a very pleasant voice with a slight British accent.”
Bones & Drones “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and all opinions expressed herein are my own. This is a very captivating YA cozy mystery. The MC Paislee is a teenager who likes to hang out in cemeteries talking to the dead [no ghosts, just headstones]; has a father who is a medical examiner and a mother who is a funeral director [they own a funeral parlor] ; has a penchant for her town's history and forensics; on occasion, helps her father investigate death cases; loves to read; and loves forensic anthropology. Paislee and her family were really likeable, relatable in their interactions and very quirky. On top of that, Paislee has all of the other issues of a typical teenager - college applications/acceptance, romance/dating, and getting her recommendation letter from the mayor. Overall, all of the characters in this story were well-drawn and interesting. I enjoyed the mystery - with several red herrings. But, most of all, I just enjoyed spending time with this oddball group of characters. The narrator, Carrie Coello, made the story a fun listen.”
Ace of Spade “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and all opinions expressed herein are my own. This is a great mix of film noir detective, a bit of sci-fi, and some gangsters. Ace is a private eye on Mars with a bionic arm. He is hired by a one-night stand to find her brother - and that's when all the fun begins. Ace narrates the book, with sarcastic asides - and at times it felt like you had pulled up a barstool next to him and he told you this story. It's a very entertaining quick story. I look forward to more of his adventures. The narrator, Lawrence Locke, does a good job - although I kept thinking he was doing an impersonation of Humphrey Bogart - which was not a bad thing.”
Finding Zelda “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own. This book centers on the MC Zelda trying to find her way after she experiences two life crises at the same time - loss of her job and her father abandoning her mother. This is well-written with some good humor and realistic family situations. What I enjoyed most was the heartwarming relationship Zelda creates with her grandfather during their road trip - I wish even more time had been spent on that. I will certainly look for other stories written by this author. The narrator, Carrie Coello, did a very good job. The voice she created for Pops [Zelda's grandfather], in particular, was very good and fitting to the character.”
Stolen by My Knave “I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and all opinions expressed herein are my own. This is a regency romance with a time travel element [which is a very minor part of the story]. I have not read any of this author's previous works - but from reading some of the reviews, I got the sense that some of these characters come from other stories. Perhaps if I had read those other stories, I would have enjoyed this one more. I found the story full of information dumps [which are likely the stories from her previous works] - where characters spend a lot of time recounting events. The mother of MC Lady Elizabeth is from the 20th Century - and she uses terms/language from that time period, even though she now lives hundreds of years in the past - I found this a bit jarring and odd that everyone understood her given that would not be the language of the time. The narrator, Duchess DeFoix, did a nice job and her voice is enjoyable to listen to.”
Body in the Boot “This is the second book in the M Falcon Mystery series. It is a standalone book with no cliff hanger ending. I have not read the previous book and had no trouble following the flow of the narrative or the characters motivations. I found the MCs to be likeable, feisty, endearing, and very enjoyable. There is some fun humor sprinkled throughout. The POV does change - which initially threw me a bit but once you get used to it, it's fine. The narrator, Karen Gunderson, did a very good job. She made the characters very engaging, although they did sound a bit youthful.”
Whispers of Light “Overall, I liked the story and I am more at 3.5 stars. But, to me, it just seemed like it took a long time to get where it ultimately ended up. I did not find the actions of Harriet, MC Laurence Redbrook's sister, to be absolutely convincing. I also thought that the ultimate reveal regarding MC Isabel's marriage was odd given her behavior up to that point. And finally, it just seemed that MC Laurence was a bit to saintly at times - accepting of both his sister Harriet's and his wife's MC Isabel's behavior. The narrator, Katherine Anderson, has a pleasant voice with a slight British accent. She did a nice job.”
Ghost Walk “This book is the first in a series. It is a standalone book with no cliffhanger ending. Lacey is a former LAPD homicide detective, who left under a cloud and now works in a tedious job as a security guard. Sam is a medium. Lacey and Sam meet when Lacey reads an article in the newspaper about police finding human skeletal remains possibly related to a case Lacey had been working on when she was a homicide detective, but which had remained unsolved. Sam is reserved and initially reticent to work with Lacey. Lacey is the exact opposite and Sam's reserved demeanor drives her crazy. Lacey is a smart, conscientious, but a head-strong heroine. She doesn't quite know what to make of Sam and his abilities - which I really enjoyed as it allowed Lacey [and the reader] learn as the mystery moved along. What I really liked is that Lacey and Sam are slowly developing a friendship -- and, unlike so many mystery books, they do not immediately fall in bed with each other. The story is well written and moves along at a good pace. The mystery which Sam and Lacey try to resolve is realistic and the culprit is believable and not out of left field. Overall, I really enjoyed the character development and the budding friendship between the main characters. I recommend this book and will continue with this series. The narrator, Laura Wilson, did a very nice job. Some other reviewers mentioned hearing background noises or other distractions within the audio but I did not notice anything.”
The Kidnapped Bride “This is the second book in the Patricia Fisher Mystery series. It is a standalone book with no cliffhanger ending. I have not read the first book in this series and had no trouble following the characters or the plot. Absolutely entertaining, well written, and a lot of fun! There are times where you will laugh out loud at either the antics of the characters or a very smart humorous quip. The characters are well developed and interesting. Patricia is smart, funny and a strong woman. Her cohorts do not blend into the background - each one has a distinctive personality. I absolutely adored Lady Mary and her ever-changing rules for drinking cocktails. And the butler's quirky past... The mystery is a good one with some really fun twists. Plus, there is a lot of action-packed scenes - so never a dull moment. The narrator, Katherine Anderson, was pitch perfect. She did distinctive voices for all of the characters. She narrated at a good pace and landed the punchlines perfectly.”
The Hanged Man’s Noose “This is the first book in the Glass Dolphin Mysteries. It is a standalone story. I read the second book before the first [enjoyed both of them]. Here, Emily, a journalist, is offered an editor's job of the town magazine in Lount’s Landing. She accepts and begins trying to get to know the townspeople. She learns that a real estate developer is planning to convert the local school into a big box store and several of the townspeople are not thrilled. Soon one of fhe most vocal critics is dead, followed by another death both ruled accidents but is this too much of a coincidence? Emily decides to investigate. This is a well-written cozy with likeable characters. There are plenty of twists in the mystery to keep you guessing. I enjoyed Arabella and her antiques shop The Glass Dolphin - the little details about the pieces and antiques in general were enjoyable. It was also fun to learn the history of the town, the various businesses and the name Hanged Man's Noose. Overall, a very entertaining cozy.”
Gertrude, Gumshoe and the Clearwater Curse “This book is the sixth book in the Gertrude Gumshoe series. It is a standalone listen. Each book is a standalone in this series by the first book in the series gives great insight on how Gertrude becomes a gumshoe. With each book, the characters and their relationships grow and while it is not necessary to start with the first book in the series - it is absolutely more enjoyable as you progress through the series. I absolutely adore the curmudgeon Gertrude and her wonderful group of friends. I loved their antics, resourcefulness, sarcasm, and humor. I am completely taken with this group of geriatrics! This is a very light and entertaining series that has brought more than a few laughs to me. The narrator, Darlene Allen, as always, does a great job of giving each of the characters distinguishable voices and delivering a good punch line.”
Gertrude, Gumshoe: Slam Is Murder “This is the fourth book in the Gertrude Gumshoe series. It is a standalone book - however, the joy in this series comes from the growth of Gertrude's character and her interactions with others. I highly recommend you start with the first book in this series "Introducing Gertrude Gumshoe." I just can't get enough of feisty Gertrude. Her antics make me laugh out loud - getting her license; reciting poetry [one about her cat and the detective]; and of course, her relationship with Calvin. I love when she questions people and they ask who she is, her only response is "I'm Gertrude," as if she is known the world over and only has a first name like Cher or Adelle or Madonna. I absolutely enjoy this series and recommend it highly for anyone who wants a good laugh. The narrator, Darlene Allen, is the same narrator for the entire series. She does a very good job narrating and embodies the quirkiness of Gertrude's character.”
Gertrude, Gumshoe and the VardSale Villain “Another fun and entertaining adventure with Gertrude and Old Man Crow [Calvin]. Even though Gertrude is gruff around the edges and absolutely blunt - the manner in which she investigates cases, learns about new technology, interacts with possible suspects, and ultimately saves the day brings a smile to my face. Gertrude is a unique character for cozy mysteries. I loved how she was thinking about her cats being left alone after being kidnapped. I absolutely adore Calvin and Gertrude's interactions. And the fact that she gets angry when people believe or act as if she is elderly tells a lot about her feisty character. This is such an enjoyable series - highly recommend! The narrator, Darlene Allen, who narrates all the Gertrude Gumshoe books, is pitch perfect and does a great job with Gertrude's zingers.”
Gertrude, Gumshoe: Gunslinger City “I absolutely love this series and I love Gertrude. Her antics and comments frequently make me laugh out loud. This time, Calvin, with his love of westerns, gets involved with a long forgotten western amusement park and drags Gertrude along. While I absolutely enjoy Gertrude's curmudgeonous behavior, I especially liked Gertrude showing her softer side to a character in need - I certainly hope this relationship is explored further in future books. Each book in this series is a standalone - however, it is wonderful that characters from other books in this series are not forgotten and occasionally make cameo appearances. The narration by Darlene Allen is great. She is the narrator for entire series and fits perfectly.”
Gertrude, Gumshoe: Murder at Goodwill “This is the second book in the Gertrude Gumshoe series. It is a standalone but seriously do not start here - get the first book in the series so you can completely enjoy Gertrude's adventures into detective work. Gertrude is such a fun, humorous and quirky character. And her interactions with her neighbor Old Man Crow and her fellow employees at Goodwill are just laugh out loud funny. This is a completely original cozy that is so entertaining. The narrator, Darlene Allen, is the same narrator from the first book. She is pitch perfect in her portrayal of Gertrude and all of the other characters.”
Introducing Gertrude, Gumshoe “What a fun, well-written, and quirky cozy mystery. The main character is an elderly [although Gertrude would likely take umbrage to that statement] woman who lives in a trailer park with many cats and is a hoarder. She is grumpy, self-entitled, funny, pushy, smart, sassy, and completely intriguing. I loved her from the moment she was introduced. No one really likes Gertrude, including her 70-year-old neighbor who she ropes into helping her investigate the case because he has a car. I absolutely enjoyed the time that Gertrude spent in the strip club to protect one of the strippers. The way that she decided to become a private investigator and called a press conference was fabulous. I laughed out loud multiple times at Gertrude's antics. The narrator, Darlene Allen, was perfect. She really brought Gertrude to life as a curmudgeon with a soft spot.”