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Julie Howard
The Lovecraft Murders: Scott Kaven Mysteries, Book 1 “This is the first book by this author that I have listened to but I quiet enjoyed it. I am not sure the narrator was right for the story which is why it only gets a four star from me. I liked the idea of the plot and with a lot going on it holds your interest until the end. The characters were like able but I think I would have liked the hacker to play a big part in the story, with his humour he would have added wit to the story that the main character couldn't pull off. I will be keeping an eye out for more books by this author. Kaven is an ex cop turned private detective and for his first case he is hired by an elderly lady to find out the truth. Her daughter owns an escort agency and one of her girls was killed a year ago. The police haven't got any where solving the brutal murder and the client wants to know if her daughter was involved in the death. Kaven agrees to take the case but soon find himself caught in the crosshairs of a hit man. There was a reason the police hadn't solve the case and that was because it was more complicated than it looked and with majors players with big money involved they will stop at nothing to keep.the case unsolved. I didn't get on with the narrator he was to gruff and I really had to listen hard to understand him. With a deep voice the characters tended to sound the same but I did get use to it in the end but can't help but wonder if it would have got a five star with a different narrator. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobookunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Las Vegas Crime “!!!! WOW !!!!!! Great writer and great narrator = Ellexcent team and a must have audio book. This is the third Baxter and Holt book and even though I enjoyed the other two this is by far my favourite. It has everything you could want in a story- good guy you love to love and bad guys you love to hate, computer side kicks and even FBI agents. Baxter once again has to channel her dark side and brake some rules when her partners daughter is kidnapped. Heads need to be smashed and bones broken, as well as a sick killer to be caught. This killer might keep you up at night not because it went into graphic details, it was just the thought of what he does with his victims. I would still recommend the book though and the nice thing is you don't need to have read the other books first but if you are going to read this one you might as well Gwendolyn is one a my favourite narrator's and with this book she proves why. So much emotion and characters portrayed by one voice is amazing and makes an excellent story very enjoyable.”
Las Vegas Girl “I really enjoyed this book so when it was released as an audiobook I just had to add it to my collection. Even though I still enjoyed it I didn't really take to the narrator mainly because she was playing a British cop and the accent she used was good as you knew who was talking but took some getting used to (mainly because being British I don't think we sound like that- I could be wrong as who really listens to themselves talk). It won't put me off listening to the story again tho. The story is set around two cops, who have to prove not only to there boss but to themselves that they have what it takes to be a Vegas cop and solve the highly politically charged murder case of a young woman. What lenghts will they go to make sure the bad guy's go to jail and stays there. When new evidence leads them in a different direction and a pervious unsolved case things start heating up. I don't think this book had as many twist and turns as some of the author's other books but was still a very enjoyable tale. and I will be looking out for the next book featuring the heros of this book, as it will be interesting to see how ther parternship develops.”
Casino Girl “love this author's style of writing. I haven't read one of her books and left anything other than a five star review and this book is no exception. This is the second book in the series and I hope it continues. The mystery is complicated enough to keep you guessing until the end, with all the suspects and twist it takes. It does continue on from the first book (but it is easy to follow if you haven't read them in order), in so much as, one of the perps court case's come to trial. This is just a side story line and it is nice to find out what happens with him. The main story does get resolved and I love the way it happens. Gwendolyn Druyor is one of my favourite narrators, she is so talented and you can just hear the emotion being portrayed by each character as they feel it. I was really please to sit and down and start to listen to find one of my favourite author had joined teams with one of my favourite narrators. Hope they plan to stick together for the next book as it will he a must for my collection.”
Dawn Girl “I really enjoyed this book. This is book one in the Tess Winett series, I joined the series at book three and have loved everyone so far so thought I would go back to the begin and I am so glad I did this was a great book to add to my collection and I loved finding out how Tess and the rest of the team got together. It also proves you don't need to read/listen to this series in order to enjoy. FBI agent Tess Winnett has one more chance to prove to her boss that she is a team player and can work with others or she losses the one thing she has worked her whole life to earn, her badge. With time ticking away before a sadistic killer kills his next victim Tess has to pull out all the stops. So hold on tight and enjoy every twist and turn this story takes as it take you on a roller coaster ride. The narrator was easy to listen to and the hours just flew by as it hustled to the conclusion.”
Stories Untold “I read the book and even though it's quite different to the normal type of book I would choose I enjoyed it and jumped at the chance to own it as an audiobook too. This is a story about how one persons struggle to save a life and the knock on effect, leaving ripples on many lives. It's a eye opener and makes you think and wonder about what is happening in other people's lives and we shouldn't be so quick to judge people. Even though I needed tissues at some points (when reading and again when listening) I still enjoyed the story and found the narrator very good.”
Taker of Lives “I really enjoyed this book and this series. Leslie Wofle is a talented author and like her other books, I wanted to lock the door and listen to the story in peace until I finished it. I read the book when it first came out and really enjoyed it so when it was released as a audio I snapped it up. It was surprising how much I remembered of the book as it happened, I think because it was so gripping I remembered it, this didn't spoil the story though. In this day and age with social media and celebrities famous for just being famous, it is scary how easy it is for things to be manipulated or corrupted. In this book Special Agent Tess Winnett tags along on a suicide case. Its not long before something is telling her it needs to be looked into more and not to just write of as a tragic senseless death of a beautiful young women, and when she and the team start dig its not long before they make it onto the killers radar and the bodies start to build up with no way to stop them. With the power of the internet on the killer's side can Tess and her team come up with a profile and a victim list to stop the killer. With her usual twists and clues it was a very good read and I would recommend the book. The narrator was very good and easy to listen to.”
Love, Lies, and Murder “This book contains 19 short stories that tug at the heart strings and are just right if you only have a few minutes to kill Each story is different with an out come at the end of each story that leaves you thinking. I read the book when it first came out and it was surprising how many I remembered as I listened to them so they obviously made an impact on me.the sign of a good book. There is far to many stories to tell you about individually but all the stories have twist and turns and a few I needed a tissue in order to continue listening too. The book covers everything from a soldier being discharged from the army and his love for his partner, to a doctor convincing a patient he does have a reason to live, to a mother protecting her family and the lengths she will go to, a police detectives out smarting criminals and getting a confession against the odds. This book covers it all but the main theme is good triumphs over evil, even if a few tears are needed to do it. Leslie Wolfe is an excellent and talented writer in order to get the reader to feel so much emotion in ten or twelve pages. A must read and with Gwendolyn heart felt performance you can't go wrong with this book”
Lost Souls ParaAgency and the Mysterious Bag of Bones “This was a fun short mystery involving the Walker sisters. I like this fun set of books because you never know what is going to happen next, but with a strong set of characters you know it is going to be good. The mystery was interesting but did not really have a big suspect pool but with different investigations or distractions going on it holds your attention until the end. Can't wait to see where the author takes us next on this fun and mysterious adventure. With Riz casting spells and keeping secrets it is no wonder that Ally finds herself caught up in another paranormal investigation, no matter how much she claims she doesn't want to be involved. Some body have unearthed themselves in the back garden of the girls back garden. Knowing a person you dies from natural causes don't blurry themselves Ally is afraid that her parents or aunts have something to do with them being there. She and vampire boyfriend start there own investigation on the down low but it is hard to keep secrets in such a small town, especially with tv personality Samuel back in town. Can the pair find out who the bones were and why some body wanted to kill him? The problem is that is not the only secret being kept. I like the narrator she has been with this series from the start and I think she was a good choice, she does justice the characters by bringing them to life. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
The Sidekicks Initiative: A Comedy Superhero Adventure “I loved this book. My normal genre is cozy mysteries but I like super hero films and when I fancied a change I thought I would give this book ago. So glad I did, I loved it and if this is was I have been missing I might have to change which category I look in for my audio books. I loved the humour and one lines that run though out the book. The action was well spaced and enough to keep me interested until the end, it kind of makes me think of dead pool and his misfit friends. The story was well written and takes a tongue in cheek look at super heros that I can easily see being made into a film. It was the characters that stole the show though with there very unique personalities and powers. I would be hard pressed to choice a favourite character. I hope there are more books in this series to come because I for one will be keeping a keen eye out for the next book. What do you do when all the super heros get wiped out? You turn to the sidekicks and hope for the best. Retried or just disillusioned heros aren't the best option, especially when just normal human thugs can take them out. But when every super villain realises no body is protecting the world you have to give the world some hope. In steps in reluctant Sam aka Kid random, drunken Anna aka allergy girl and well Randy aka butterfly king and to whip them all in to shape they turn to an ex evil super villain John. What could go wrong? Wow I have never heard a narrator enjoy himself so much (and I don't just mean all the out takes at he end of the book) and his voices were amazing, each and everyone very different from the last. Defiantly a very good choice. I was given this free review audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Anonymously Yours “I enjoyed this book. It's a nice group of characters and there were a number of twists to keep you guessing, every time you suspect someone the main character starts to suspect them too, so you change your mind, for the record I was right. Wasn't really sure why she didn't call the police in the first place but glad she didn't otherwise there wouldn't have been a story. When a customer leaves a wallet behind Denise's boss asks her to drop it off before coming into work in the morning. After knocking on the door and receiving no answer she walks in to find the body of a woman and noises coming from upstairs. She makes a break for it and only phones the police anonymously when she is safely away. The police aren't happy with the crank call. There is no body in the house and In fact the owner is away on a business trip. It's up to Denise to find out what really happened when the same body was he up on the beach. She has always wanted to be a detective but her parent's refused to let her work with her Uncle to learn the ropes but with them away what hey don't know can't hurt them. Right? I liked the narrator she used her voice well to create the voices of the characters. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Death in the Flower Garden “This was a fun mystery. I have listened to a few books in the danger cove series, which are written by a number of different authors and it was fun,with a number of the characters and even an author having a cameo roll in this book. I liked the characters, especially the special needs boy Gary. The mystery was interesting and there was a number of suspects to keeps you guessing. This isn't the best book in the series and I think In some ways it would have done better with a different narrator but it certainly won't put me off listening to others in the series. Maria has given up her high powered job for something a lot more simple, the position of running the lighthouse farmers market. Where she thought the hardest part of her job was making sure the vegetables was all locally grown or reuniting lost children with there parents. This doesn't prove to be the case when her friend fails to show.up and introduce her to all the vendors, her assistance has smelt down and refuses to get up off the floor, two of the vendor's try chasing or scaring customers away and an earthquake hit. But all that pales in comparison when the build of another vendor is found underneath the sound equipment. Did Maria do the right thing returning to her grandmother's home town? Or was her mother right? Maria starts to investigate because her new assistant found the body and she fears the police won't look any further than him. It seems to he dead lady had a checked past and wasn't who everybody thought she was, so could her past have finally caught with her? I have heard this narrator before playing the part of a much older character where she did well but not sure how old this character was meant to be but for some reason she sounded to old for the part. Also the voices sounded a bit monotonous and you could miss chunks of the story if your mind wandered. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Lost Souls ParaAgency and the Illusion of a Vampire “I enjoyed this book. This is book 3 and it's the turn of another sister to find love. They are stand alone stories but I think it is best listened to in order because otherwise you miss out on a lot of back story, that helps with the enjoyment of this one. The characters are fun and each book focuses on a different sister, all of which are very different from each other but it continues from where the last book left off so the others still play apart in the story. The mystery was good and I liked the way the main characters powers played apart in solving the mystery or getting them out of trouble. It's just a fun listen, that I hope continues, if only to find out what the three aunts are up to. Ally is left in charge of her sisters cafe, while her two sisters and three aunts are off on a witches retreat. Ally has no wish to join them and In fact doesn't want to even acknowledge her witchy powers, she has turned her back on the whole thing to become a teacher. With everybody away from the village the Lost souls paragency council decide that Ally will need some guarding and send in probation recruit Sidney Cross, a vampire that is on probation for his crimes. He just needs to stay in the shadow and keep an eye on her for any trouble. Things don't go to plan when the mayor's estranged husband if found dead in Ally's kitchen with bite marks in his neck. Sidney is worried that the LSP will blame him, as the only vampire in the area and convinces Ally that the two of them can solve the murder themselves if only given a little time. With the clock ticking the pair must investigate two YouTube bloggers, as well as the mayor herself. Will they be able to find out who or what killed the man now hidden in Ally freezer? I have listened to a number of books read by Carrie Coello and think she has done an excellent job with each one, good voices and enough emotion or excitement to keep the book she is reading enjoyable. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Covens, Cakes, and Big Mistakes “I enjoyed the book. I have listened to book one and think it helps to know the characters but it isn't essential to enjoy this book because it could be read or listened to as a stand alone. I liked the way the author combines witch craft with murder and the plot plays out very nicely. I chose my suspect very early on and was proven right, so there isn't any real twists to the plot but I enjoyed it all the same, especially the checky ghost cat. The characters are fun and quirky enough to be entertaining. All in all a light hearted cozy mystery that gets solved by using magic, although it doesn't always go the way they are expected. With her aunt off on a cruise Tamsyn is left in charge of the B&B and also the food for the writes festival. When plans change over hurt feeling when a guest speaker agrees to speak, Tamsyn agrees to host the party on the Pinecroft grounds and instead of catering for thirty people she finds herself cooking tor 130 people with a whole new menu because of allergies. She reorganized the rooms for the demanding writer to have an executive suit and she has to enlist her coven sisters to help and hire staff. Then the unthinkable happens and the guest speaker dies before his speech. Was it something Tamsyn served him? The police seems to think so and closes down her kitchen while they investigate. Was it a spell gone wrong, Tamsyn's cooking or posion? The guest speaker use to live on the island and the mostly suspects are his so called friends, the newspaper writers group but why would anyone kill him? With the help from her friends and a ghost from the 1920's can Tamsyn uncover the secret that got him killed? Or will her aunty return to find she is out of business? I liked the narrator and thought she did a good job with all.the different voices needed to make this story so enjoyable. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Sentinels: A Distant Star (Sentinels, Vol 2) “I really enjoyed this book. I listened to book one and wanted to continue the adventure, so got book two and boy does it continue. I do think you need to listen to the first book just because there is so many characters that it helps if you have already been introduced to them. The story contains a number of twists and sneaky underhandedness that I found grabbed my attention and didn't let up but be warned after listening to this book you must be prepared to get the next book to find out how it ends. They was plenty of battles and daring escapes and it is just a fun action adventure that you can get lost in for a few hours. The team is relaxing at home after there epic battle with the Star Lord when a gaint robot crashes the party and sets there world spinning. The robot absorbs there powers and In a matter of seconds is able to replicate them, then with out so much as a goodbye he is gone. In his place is a space ship with three Red humanoid aliens on a mission to stop the robot in its tracks. The robot returns to strike another deadly blow and zooms of in to out space. Esro and the lady officer jump into the space ship and take of after him, only to disappear leaving behind a broken team. They get sucked into a whole new reality and if earth stands any chance of surviving what it is coming the pair will have to find away home. Back on earth Vanadium missed out on the fight because he froze when the robot turned up and now he seeks help so it won't happen again Pulsar finds out her sister has her own powers and has joined a new team of super hero's leaving her and her remaining teammate Ultraa without a purpose. With the Star Lord back to his old tricks, gaint robots that can't be stopped and three entities on its way, now is the time that earth needs all the help it can get. I really liked the narrator and thought he did a good job with all the voices, there was so many but somehow he gave them each there own voice. I think he was a good choice and put in an epic performance that this book deserved. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review”
Dead In Bed “This is a fun quick easy to listen to cozy. This is book two and you don't need to listen to them in order because they are stand alone books. I think I prefer this book to book one, as there was to many characters introduced in a short space of time but with this book I already knew the characters so it was easier to follow along. It is on the shorter side, great if you only have a few hours to kill and the book was nearly over before the murder occurred but I think it might have been better being a long book because then it could have built up the prospects of others suspects having a better motive as I did know who the killer was and why, so from that point of view it was disappointing but the characters are likeable enough that I will give book three ago. It is acting week in the town of Sweetfern harbour and Brenda has closed down the bed and breakfast so just the cast can stay there. Including her idol Ellen Teague. The super star is a favourite with the audience for playing sweet innocent characters but the star herself is very different from the characters she plays. She is demanding and disagreeable and no body in the cast seems to like her. But that is no reason for one of them to kill her. Brenda herself had a reason to kill her, as she was contesting the ownership of the b&b and they had a big shouting match the night before she died and Brenda's own boyfriend, the police detective starts to look at her funny. Can Brenda workout who had the biggest reason to kill the hated star? The narrator was okay when you speed up the listening speed of the book but that meant the story ended quickly. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
The Wishing Stone: Dangerous Dinosaur “I got this book for my 7 year old niece and knowing the book wouldn't get much of a review from her, I decided to listen to it myself, so it could get more than a one word answer and also to see if it was appropriate for her and more importantly something she would listen to. The answer is yes, I think she will love it. The story is short enough to keep her attention but with enough going on that she shouldn't get board. It is written in a nice simple language and with words most ages will understand, showing the author knows her audience well, even the adults that have to listen to it might enjoy it, I did. It is a nice story with a happy ending. I will see if she likes it but I think I might have to get the rest of the books in the series. Spenser has to read and then write a book report but he doesn't like reading when there are lots of other things to do. That is until he meets a cowboy who gives him a wishing stone with the instructions to choose his book carefully. Spenser picks a dinosaur book and while reading the book in the comfort of his own bedroom he picks up the stone and is transported to a village where he helps a young boy called Arco, with his dinosaur problem. Through team work and understand can the young boys save the village? I liked the narrator and think his clearly spoken words and reflections will help the child's imagination fly. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobookunleashed and have voluntarily left this review”
Posies and Poison “This was a fun quick listen. I did get a bit confused with so many characters getting introduced all in a short space of time but there was a lot of suspects to keep it interesting. I liked the small town community and the way everybody know everybody's business. I did think it would have been better if the story was longer, as a few interviews happened without the listener being present. Also the characters could have been developed more with a longer story. It was good, what was there and I do think as the series continues the characters will become likeable the more you get to know them and it is a good start to a new series. Brenda has inherited her uncle's business a Bed and breakfast and all the wonderful staff that runs it. She soon settles in but finds the idyllic settings isn't the friendliest place in the world, all because of one woman lady Pendleton. Everybody in town seems to have reason to hate her. She owns all the properties in town, from houses to business and as a consequence she puts up the rent prices as and when she wants or feels like it and no matter who it hurts. So Brenda isn't surprised when she ends up dead, someone was going to snap sooner or later. With everyone having a motive and pointing the finger the police turn to Brenda for help, she used to work for a private investigation agency in a big city. So her keeping her ear to the ground would be a big help. Who really did kill the most hated woman in town? Her own husband?, the police chief's daughter? Her lawyer? The suspects seem end less. The narrator was okay bit seemed a bit breathless or the words were drawn out and I couldn't always tell who was ment to be talking. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request by audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Suspicious Mimes “I enjoyed this book. This is book three in the series and I can say they have all been stand alone books and you don't need to have read them in order to enjoy. The characters are colourful and quirky, even the pets aren't normal, which makes the series so much fun and enjoyable. I did learn more than I ever wanted to know about Elvis but it worked well, especially with the series being set in Memphis and who can set a series there without having him feature heavily in at least one book. The mystery was good and kept you guessing. I did wonder how many times somebody could get kidnapped or attacked without ending up dead, although I did enjoy a few of the rescue attempts, especially the one involving her Gran or the pets. All in all this book is good for a laugh and a fun way to lose yourself for a few hours. Harley is gearing up for the busiest time of the year as a tour guide. The anniversary of Elvis death, where hundreds of Elvis impersonators descend of Memphis and when the city holds a talent competition, one that Harley's own dad enters every year. This year is going to be different though because some one is killing off the king on the tour busses. Harley finds the first victim and gets dragged into the investigation against the wishes of her boyfriend and childhood friend, who both want her to stay out of it. The killer has other plan though because she soon becomes a target, even though she never has or never will dress as the king. Is the killer targeting the competition because he wants to win or is it the bus tour company? Harley and Tootsie will have to figure it out if they want the company to stay in business because finding that many bodies on the busses is greatly affecting the bottom line. Harley also has to worry about her Dad, could he be a target? And what about herself? Even moving in with her Gran in a retirement home can't keep her safe. If only she could stop finding dead bodies, all would be right in her world and her spirit guides could say In Las Vegas. The author uses two narrator's for the book, a male and female. I did think the male of the team did let the side down a bit because all the men sounded the same or to deep for the character, although I did think he got Tooties right. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review”
Lost Souls ParaAgency and the Ghostly Reunion “I enjoyed this book. This is the first book by this author I have listened to but I enjoyed it. It is a stand alone book but a few times I felt I had missed something not having heard the first book, so I might just have to go back to the beginning to find out about there first case. Otherwise I enjoyed it and liked the cast of characters who were quirky and colourful. I liked the combination of the paranormal and mystery and thought it worked well with the plot. I think the book sets up the series to follow a different sister with each book which will be good, as you will get to see how each character and there relationships develops and grows. Will be looking out for the next book. Amira and Lex have been given an assignment. To investigate a haunting at a B&B run by famous ghost Hunter Samuel Chase. They only have the weekend to to catcher the ghost and send her in to the other side before irreversible damage is done. Lex which wants to protect Amira and doesn't know how to express his feeling to her so just comes a cross cold. Amira has other ideas about how the investigation should be run and sets about proving herself more than capable of handling her own assignments and if she can turn Lex's head in the process all the better. The ghost seems to be a teenage girl with a connection to the owner but is she doing more than just haunting the occupants is she trying to hurt them? Amira wants to learn more about the girl in order to help the girl before setting her free but Lex should wants the ghost gone so he and Amria can get back to safety. Can they work to together to find piece for the restless spirit? I liked the narrator, I have heard several books read by her and enjoyed every signal one, she has a distinct voice that she puts to job use to give the characters there own voices. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request by audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Not Really Dead “I still loved it. I read the book when it first came out and hoped it would be released on audible but with it being a novella (a lot shorter than normal) I wasn't sure it would, I was pleasantly surprised to see it had and I just had to get it. Glad I did it was fun reading it but with Gwendolyn as the narrator the story just comes alive. I love Tess, with her take no nonsense attitude but In this book you see her a bit more vulnerable as the case hits a little close to home. I like the way she works out the clues left by the killer but I still wish it had been longer mainly because I didn't want the story to end so quickly. Can't wait for the next Tess book. Tess is in trouble with her boss again, this time for shooting a suspect and he wants her to look into a financial fraud case but how can she do that when another serial killer is roaming the streets killing woman. The only clues he leaves behind are the letters and numbers carved into the victims backs and the words he paints on the walls in there blood. That is until now. One of the victims isn't dead and begs Tess for help to keep her attack secret. Can Tess work out the reason for the carvings and stop a killer before he strikes again? A killer that she shouldn't be investigating. Going it alone is normal for Tess as she works best on her own but can she do it on a case that brings back so many memories of her own attack. Gwendolyn is such a great narrator and one of my favourites, so combine a excellent narrator with a great book and you get a five star book, if only it was a longer story so the magic could last.”
Survival Can Be Deadly “I enjoyed this book. This is the first book by this author that I have read or listened to but I will definitely be looking out for the next book in the series, I enjoyed it that much that I was checking if there was a book two before I had finished the first. I liked the whole idea of having a private investigation agency in the shopping mall and using the shops around them to help solve there cases and the cast of characters that made up the agency were so much fun and a real treat, not sure Cameron would have gotten the job just for turning up but glad she did. The mystery was interesting and I think it is the first cozy mystery I have listened to on the subject of survivalist, so that was interesting too. So hats off to the author for coming up with something original and weaving it into a entertaining and sometimes humorous adventure. Cameron is a newly widowed mother of two and is under pressure from her mother to get back out in the world and make something of herself but not to forget to be there for her children's even needs. Which is way she steps through the door when she spots a help wanted sign in a detective agency's window, she can make her own hours, it's different everyday and In no way dangerous just running background checks. She gets the job and begins her training from the wide and diverse detectives in the agency, from finger print takings to questioning cheating spouse's. Soon she is ready for her first case. The reason the job was available was because one of the detectives in the agency had disappeared and Cameron is given one of his unsolved cases. To track down a missing teenager, she was in trouble with the law for stealing from her job. Could she just be a runaway or has something happened to her? The clues lead to a survivalist camp on an island and joined by a fellow detective they go under cover to find out if the trail of the missing girl has gone cold and with fingers crossed they might even pick up a clue on what happened to there colleague. The survivalist teach how to live of the land and things like technology (and even proper food) is a dirty work to them so Cameron will have to go back to basics to solve this mystery. Can she reunite a grandmother with her granddaughter? I liked the narrator as she used her voice well to express the story and bring the characters to life.”
Haunted Hijinks An Agnes Barton Paranormal Mystery, Book 1 “I enjoyed this fun quirky mystery. I have read a few of Madison Johns books and liked the characters in them so when I saw she had a new series with the same characters but with an added twist I thought I would give it ago. Glad I did because it was fun. I liked the addition of the ghost and the explanation of why Agnes could suddenly see ghosts and I thought it was cleverly woven in with the currant case as well. The mystery was interesting and the book just a fun light hearted mystery that you can get lost in for a few hours. Agnes was caught up in a car accident and now she can see ghosts or more correctly a certain ghost has attached herself to Agnes and is following her around.. Fearing everybody would think her mad Agnes hasn't told anyone not even her best friend and partner in crime Eleanor. This would be okay but there latest case has them staying in a haunted house just after a murder has been committed. The dead lady isn't who they thought she was and the more questions they ask the more Agnes wishes her ghost friend would talk to her because solving the mystery around her might just help solve the murder. There is also the pressure of getting the manor ready for its first guests as a B&B, a cleaning crew that wont work and a son that is up to something. Not to mention there friends missing money, secret passageways and attempted kidnapping and it is not even Halloween yet. I liked the use of the special effects for the ghost but not so sure of the voices for the characters, she tried to make them sound elderly but it just sounded to deep or gruff. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review”
Baskets & Caskets “I enjoyed this book but you really have to have read or listened to the first two books in the series to have any hope of knowing what was going on, I have listened to both books and I still had to stop and think who people were because the author doesn't really go into back ground history in this book. I still enjoyed it and it was good to finally solve one mystery. Don't expect the books to have endings because the killer isn't always caught and continues where the last book left off. The characters are interesting and there is enough to keep you listening until the end and beyond. Nobody does Halloween like this town and the author has a good imagination and lots of fun with it and the situations the characters find themselves in. I can't wait to listen to the next book to find out what happens next. Paislee is still on the hunt for the town's founding Father despite there being a killer in town and she is the one he is sending threatening messages to. She has to put a name to the skeleton head she carries around in her back pack because every body deserves to be called by there real name and he has been know as John Doe for long enough. She also has finally been given permission to go back to school to finish off the year but her bodyguard needs to attend the classes too. But before they get there the graveyard is vandalized and a body is found in one of the disturbed graves. Will the town have to close the pumpkin lighting ceremony this year just to keep everyone safe? With college dead lines fast approaching Paislee and her Boyfriend Gabe will have to pull out all the stops to unmask a killer on the one night a year when everyone wears a mask. I liked the narrator she has a very distinct voice that she uses well. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
15 Minutes “I really enjoyed this book. I got the audio book because I recognised the cover and thought I must have read it. I was wrong I didn't remember it at all and it is probably sat on my kindle waiting to be read. Big mistake because I loved it. If I had know it was going to be this much fun I would have read it ages a go. Oh well at least I got it on audio. I loved the whole plot,a child star that plays a detective on tv trying to make it in the real world. The mystery was good even though I had worked out what was going on it was still fun getting there with the characters, who were like able if a bit quirky. Some of the situations she found her self in were humorous and most of the time caught on camera as the paparazzi followed her everywhere. I hope there is more books in the series to come because I think it will be fun to see how the characters develop as they work more closely together. Maizie has just ten days to prove that she can be a detective and not just play one on tv. Life isn't like it is on tv, you don't have a script to follow or the director shouting cut when it gets to hard and Maizie is learning it the hard way. First she turns up for a job interview and Nash has no clue why she is there and when he does relent and gives her a chance she gets her nose broken and loses the women she is meant to be following. As if that wasn't bad enough but her controlling mother wants her back on the tv show the judge ordered her to stay away from or she faces going to jail. Can she solve the case and find the missing woman with a camera crew and her mother following her every move and getting in the way? Every move she makes has a habit of ending up gossip for celebrity magazines but can she use that to her advantage and get reluctant witnesses to talk to her? She might just have to because the missing women's husband is going to sue and run Nash out of business for letting his wife get kidnapped while he was watching her. I liked the narrator as she used a variety of voices for the characters and was bubbly and entertaining In the telling. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review”
Casino Girl “love this author's style of writing. I haven't read one of her books and left anything other than a five star review and this book is no exception. This is the second book in the series and I hope it continues. The mystery is complicated enough to keep you guessing until the end, with all the suspects and twist it takes. It does continue on from the first book (but it is easy to follow if you haven't read them in order), in so much as, one of the perps court case's come to trial. This is just a side story line and it is nice to find out what happens with him. The main story does get resolved and I love the way it happens. Gwendolyn Druyor is one of my favourite narrators, she is so talented and you can just hear the emotion being portrayed by each character as they feel it. I was really please to sit and down and start to listen to find one of my favourite author had joined teams with one of my favourite narrators. Hope they plan to stick together for the next book as it will he a must for my collection.”
Gertrude, Gumshoe: Gunslinger City “I enjoyed this fun instalment to the Gertrude series. Gertrude and Calvin are such fun characters and I love the way Gertrude keeps coming out with sayings that aren't quite right and Calvin needs to interpret for her. The mystery was nice and easy to follow along and didn't have to many suspects for a short that you lost who everybody was. I have enjoyed all the Gertrude books so far and like the way the author is developing the characters with each book. With the first book Gertrude was a grump old women who had no friends, even Calvin tried to avoid her when he could and just bullied people to get what she wanted and only lived for her cats. Now she has lots of friends willing to help her and Calvin is even encouraging her to investigate, she is still a bully but does it with good intentions. I like the new and improved Gertrude and can't wait to listen to the next book. Calvin has great family memories of time spent at the Wild West Theme Park so when he receives a letter asking for help he takes Gertrude along to share his memories with. But the once busy cowboy theme park full of old buildings and shops with cowboys roaming around ready to picture with has become a ghost town. Literally, last year's Halloween decorations haven't been taking down yet and one of them looks so life like, well it would have if the man wasn't dead. Gertrude Gumshoe has found herself another case to solve. Avoiding the law in the wild west lead to some interesting fun and games and it hasn't changed much for Gertrude and Calvin. Can they solve the murder and save the theme park? Or will they get run out of town by the law? The narrator does a good job portraying Gertrude and her friends with her elderly sounding voice. I was given the free review copy audiobook from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Digging Up Trouble “I loved this book and listened to it all in one day (with doors locked so I didn't get interrupted). This is such a fun series I am recommending it to my mum. What I love is the characters and the antics that they get up to, very funny. The mystery was good and even though I had worked out who the killer was it was still highly entertaining to be proved right. The story has the right amount of humour, mystery, high Tec gadgets and even a love interest to keep you hooked. I would recommend you start with book one because the stories do have an ending but they also have the mystery of her missing aunt that you learn a little bit more about in each book. Trust me you will In enjoy it, I certainly did and am eagerly waiting the rest of the series being released on audible. When a professor claims to have proof that debunks the history surrounding a local legend of Leafy hollow, tempers in the village run high. But high enough to kill him? It seems so because his dead body is found the very next day that he gave all the villagers a reason to hate him. Verity finds with everybody under suspicion many of the villagers turn to her for help in clearing there name because she solved the last murder to take place in the village. Was it the film director who got the sack? The artist that knows him better than anyone else? The historical society that would gain money with his death? When the police seem to focus there attention on someone everybody is shocked and Verity and her sidekicks jump straight into the case to prove them wrong. I liked the narrator, she uses a wide range of voices for the characters and even does a lisp for one of them adding to the fun of an entertaining story.”
Brooms & Tombs “I did enjoy this but it is book two in the series and you really need to have read the first book. I have listened to it but it was a while ago and I struggled to follow along with this one because a lot that happened took part in the first book and wasn't explained in this one. So going back to listen to the first book and then this book again. As I said I did enjoy it but I think I need to get the next book to explain what it going on or to find the conclusion. The characters are good and I found them entertaining. Loved the sound of the street decoration/party and it made you want to visit the street just to get peek. The mystery was good, what was explained, and it did have a number of twist to keep you guessing. It just left me thinking well okay then, this won't put me off getting next book. Paislee and her family are preparing for the Halloween season by getting there backyard really for the the annual competition, when three teenage boys go missing before the big game. Then one of them turns up painted like a skeleton and left for dead on Paislee's gravestone. What happened to the other two boys? And who killed him? Paislee and her friends keep finding clues all over town but can they piece them together before another body is found? Another boy is found in a mock crash scene and Paislee fights hard to keep him alive but is it at her own expense? Because what ever is going on seems personal and the target is Paislee herself. I liked the narrator and thought she did a really good job with all the voices, from the teenagers to the adults all sounded good. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
A Hole In One “This is the second book in the series and I can say I enjoyed both books and for different reasons. I think I liked this book better, book one was setting up the characters and with this one it felt like Emily had found her calling promoting the antique shop rather than as reporter. I don't think you need to have read or listened to the first one to enjoy it, as it works well as a stand alone.The story is told by both Emily and Arabella as they investigate and I think this works very well for the story, keeping it moving. The mystery was good with plenty of goings on. Emily and Arabella agree to sponsor a hole in the local golf competition at a charity golf tournament by giving Which ever gets a hole in one winning a jet ski. A dead body on the course soon brings the tournament to a grinding halt and gets worse for Arabella when the dead man turns out to be the long lost father of her ex husbands, a man he denials have seen since the man walked out on him and his mother when he was just a lad. The police soon find a witness to rebuff the claim and he becomes the number on suspect. Arabella doesn't know much about her ex husbands family he always refused to talk about it but she knows on thing he is not a killer. Can she and Emily prove the gun that was used to killed him was stolen before the murder and someone other than her ex husband had a reason to kill him? What about the other members of his group FYSST? Do they or his past have a connection to what happened to him now? I liked the narrator and thought she did a good job with the voices. I was given his free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Sentinels: When Strikes the Warlord (Sentinels, Vol 1) “I normally listen to cozy mysteries but fancied a change. I have never been into comics but I have watched the Avengers films so thought I would given this book ago. Glad I did because I enjoyed it and have already downloaded the next book in the series. It is action packed and didn't let up until the end, very much like the film's. It is a real good against evil battle with the old character you are not to sure of. From the sample and the picture I did think the story was going to be more of a tounge in check story but that wasn't the case, it did have some nice one liners but was more action than comedy. A new team of super heroes is forming just in the nick of time because they will have to fight the most deadliest villain earth has ever seen. The Warlord is back and looking for more power to control his minions using mind control and he has discovered a power source currently in the care of Esro Brachis, a brilliant inventor and friends and mentor to three other super hero's. Lyn a college student who only recently found out she had powers, Ultraa a hero with no past and memory but a civilian hero and Damon a ladies man with an eye to fame. Can they stop the Warlord dead in his tracks? Or is there more going on than even he knows? I liked the narrator and thought he put his voice to good use giving each character very different sounding voices. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Dirty Harriet Rides Again “I enjoyed this book. The main reason is because I like Harriet, she is a tough no nonsense girl but isn't afraid to pull out the lipstick when the occasion a raises. She is also slightly mad, as she has a crocodile as a side kick. It is a bit one-sided but is good for a few laughs and puzzling over some clues aloud. The mystery was good and with so many bodies there was a nice amount of reason for the deaths and the suspects, this meant the killer was obvious straight away, I did have my suspicions. Can't wait to start the next book. Former Boca Babe Harriet is attending a gay wedding, her two best friends are getting married but when the minister is killed before the ceremony can take place and one of the guests is arrested she must ditch the dress and turn into Dirty Harry by donning on her motorcycle jacket and launching an investigation. Was the murder a hate crime? against gays or the unorthodox church? A rich friend Contessa Von Phul hates to see injustices and hires Harriet to investigate. While Harriet is tracking down clues a rabbi is killed and the police are quick to make another arrest. Were the two deaths connected? Harriet zeros in on the only connection the two had in common, which leads here two three possibilities. Can she narrow the suspect pool down before anyone is killed? It's going to be a trail by fire and ice for this gutsy biker babe. I like the narrator she sounds just like I imagine a babe coming from Florida sounds like, laid back. I was give this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Mayan Intrigue “I enjoyed this book but I think I preferred the first book because it held more mystery and interviewing of suspects. This was one was more an adventure and stumbling over the answers than working it out. I liked the fact that most of the book is centered in the jungle and all the hidden dangers and excitement that entails, makes for an interesting story. I liked the prank the girls left at home played on some bullies but not sure what that had to do with the mystery. Julia a reporter is on an assignment and by taking her husband alone is hoping to rekindle the romance between them. Things don't go as planned when Julia woken up by a recurring nightmare goes for an early morning walk and witnesses two men acting strangely. This plunges Julia and John into the murky world of artefact smuggling. With strangle men following them there romantic get away soon turns into a race through a dangerous jungle to get away. I liked the narrator than thought she added tension to the story in all the right places. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Gertrude, Gumshoe: Slam Is Murder “I enjoyed this book. It is a fun light and easy mystery to follow along. This is book four but you don't need to have listened to them in order and all of them are a hoot, just like Gertrude. I love the characters, Gertrude is so hopeless, bossy, dramatic, blunt and yet you can't help but like her. She always manages to find a way to get what she wants, I do feel sorry for Calvin the sidekick and think he is another well crafted character, who else would let Gertrude take a driving test in there car? Gertrude is bored and where looking through the newspaper she stumbles onto what she thinks could be two murders. The first problem is she is the only gumshoe who hasn't passed there driving test, yet. So enlists Calvin her fellow crime solving sidekick to drive. The second problem is both deaths seems to be connected to a poetry slam and Gertrude needs to go under cover to get close to question the suspects but first she needs to Google what a poetry slam is. Getting on stage proves to be no problem but coming up with a poem while under the big bright lights of the stage proves to be elusive just like unmasking the killer before they strike again. Can Gertrude and Calvin work out who the killer is or will they be booed off the stage? I like the narrator she has to cover a wide range of ages to give each character there own voice, which she does beautifully. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Duby’s Doctor “I did enjoy this book but it didn't live up to what I was expecting. I thought it would have more action as Duby fought to save the life of the women he loves, this wasn't the case, it did have some fight scenes but focused more of the lost memory and the romance. The story jumped around explaining Duby's memory loses from several of the characters perspective which kept the story interesting. I liked the characters, especially Duby's time at school with the nuns. When a patient near death arrives in her E.R Dr Oberon is reluctant to cover up his identity, especially as he has no idea of who he his or even speak. With pressure from a government agency she agrees and so starts a very long recovery that sees both of there world turned upside down. The problem is that as Duby re learns who he is with the help from his doctor he discovers the one thing that could put him back on the radar of the men that tried to kill him. His painting talent is quickly picked up but who is the mystery girl in everyone of his painting? Duby doesn't know and just thinks she is in his head. As his painting find there way to an art gallery, one of those painting makes its way to an arms dealer with a daughter who looks just like the girl in the picture and soon Duby and his doctor have more to worry about than injuring his damaged knee. Especially with bullets flying. The narrator was good and she did use different voices for the characters but Duby's French accent just made me laugh, it didn't make me think of a tough guy body guard and I found it hard to picture him”
Harley Rushes In “I enjoyed this book. It is book two and although it picks from where book one left off and does mention quite a lot about the case I don't think you need to listen to them I order because it didn't make any difference to this case. I enjoyed the book because of the wide range of colourful and quirky characters and the fact that you never know what they are going to get up to next. The mystery was good and I liked the fact it kept you guessing and at the same time laughing. It is a fun light hearted series and I am off to start the next book but keeping an eye out for any geese. Harley's aunt Darcy needs her help to find out who is bringing stolen treasures or smuggled artefacts to her shop and selling them. She suspects her business partner but before Harley can get more than a glimpse of him he Is killed, just after arguing with Aunt Darcy. Harley knows the alibi her aunt gave to the police is a lie but why would she lie? And is she protecting herself or somebody else? Harley can't stand by and watch her aunt get taken away to jail. Beside she was hired to find who was selling the artefacts and that is precisely what she is going to do. Despite the police and even her own boyfriend telling her to stay out of it. With the help from her friends Cammi and Tootsie, direr predictions from Divia and even some unexpected help from some animals can Harley find out what is really being hidden at the shop and keep her aunt out of jail. It is a mixed review for the narrating team because I liked the female she spoke clearly and had plenty of range but to me the male only had two voices the boyfriend very deep and everyone else. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Eagle Eyes Book 1: Violence in Vegas “I really enjoyed this book, just wished it had been longer but great if you only have a few hours to kill on a car journey or something. I really liked that I never knew what was going to happen and it had a number of twists taking the story in another direction entirely, the Las Vegas setting was a good choice. I hope this is just the start of many more books to come, as I think it has set it up to be a good series. I like all the characters from the tough as nails FBI agent to the little who asks too many questions to the helpful homeless people. Megan's friend's hotel is under attack or that is what it feels like when rooms get ransacked and guests tyres are slashed, so she calls in her good friend the FBI agent, to investigater. Before Megan has even stepped in the door things escalate with someone throwing a Molotov cocktail leading Megan to go under cover as a waitress, giving her free access to all parts of the hotel. Las Vegas is famous for it conventions and the hotel is no exception, so when a bigwig wants to hold a last minute masquerade party they comply handing out invites to all the guest. The only problem is someone invited men with guns who take Megan's friend and the bigwig hostage. Megan must travel the underground tunnels of Las Vegas to save her friend but not everything is what they seem. And more lives are at risk than just Megan's and her friends. I like the narrator, she had a nice speaking voice that is easy to listen to.”
Eagle Eyes Book 2: Rescue in Reno “I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for book three to be released. This continues from where book one left off , so I recommend you listen to book one first, but as that is a great book it is no hardship. An old friend from the previous series makes an appearance and hope she plays a bigger role in the next book, as I loved her character and the way she plays the bad to Megan's good. Megan is a great character too, tough but fare. I like the use of high-Tec in this series and think the idea of it is what makes the book stand out as being different to normal mystery story's. I just wish it had been long because I want more. Megan is still in Vegas but rather than enjoy what is left of her holiday she decides to investigate the tunnels under Vegas and find out more about the trafficked girls she helped rescue. Before she can do much more than visit the tunnels and talk to a few of the homeless people that live there, her friends husband is kidnapped. The demand, Megan stops investing and returns home straight away. Megan has never done well being threatened and she has a secret weapon up her sleeve, eagle eye. Can high Tec and a few trusted friends be enough to go up against The Club and get her friends husband back. I really like the narrator and thought the added bonus of the digital voice at one point in the story really added to the enjoyment”
Eagle Eyes Book 3: Danger in Dallas “I really enjoyed this book but then again I loved the previous books in this series too. This book continues from where the last one left off, so I really recommend you listen to the previous books but as mentioned that is no hardship as they a very good as well. I like everything about this series from the characters to the use of technology to even the plot lines, all of it is very good and with all the twists the story takes it keeps you hooked. The only wish is that it was a bit longer. Megan is in Dallas, her last holiday didn't turn out to be very relaxing and she is taking the opportunity to try another go. Hopefully she doesn't need to pack her gun in her suitcase. Her plans of relaxing in her hotel room trying out the amenities are put on hold when a phone call from her partner sends her rushing to the hospital, where she mets more than a sick relative. Megan wakes up in a mansion with armed guards watching. Out of range for eagle eyes (the highly scientific computer in her eye) to work Megan must relay on herself and an old friend from the past to rescue her. It good job the friend never travels anywhere with out her gun. I like the narrator and think she does an excellent job in all three books in this series. She has a pleasant speaking voice.”
Gertrude, Gumshoe and the VardSale Villain “I enjoyed this book but it was very different to the previous books. In this book Gertrude just asks a lot of questions before getting herself in a pickle. What is different about that you ask? ....well that would be giving away plot spoilers. Let's just say all Gertrude's cats get feed my Calvin. Still a very funny book with Gertrude's blunt questioning technique. It is a stand alone book so you don't need to have listened to the other books but if you are a first time listener to the Gertrude series I don't think you should start with this one because this book did seem shorter than the others and you might not get the full Gertrude effect. Also In this book I got confused with how old Gertrude is meant to be because she uses a walker, doesn't know how to use the internet but was referred to as a spring chicken and is rolling around on the ground with a kidnapper. Other than that I enjoyed it and off to start the next book. Gertrude has got her first paying case. A missing women. The only clue is a name and an appointment time. Her boyfriend has no clue what it means but with Calvin's reluctant help they work out the missing woman was addicted to shopping and sell on the internet, at YardSale. Soon Gertrude is hot on the trail of a kidnapper but she gets more than she is bargaining for. I like the narrator and she does make Gertrude sound elderly. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Seven Cities of Gold “This was fun mainly because I knew the characters from the previous books. The ending just ended and I don't think it was good as the other books, to much going on that should of been connected but didn't quite get there, unanswered questions. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy it and I will be looking out for the next book but it does only get a four star from me and most of that is due to liking the narrator. The story jumps from character to character and even past and present as the story reveals a hunt for a lost city. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy it and I will be looking out for the next book but it does only get a four star from me and most of that is due to liking the narrator. Kathy is excited to be starting a new job teaching in Moscow but before Mark can join her he is called into the FBI headquarters and given his own job to carry out, while In Moscow. The problem is the Russian FSB don't believe his cover story and he his soon blackmailed into looking for a lost city that is paved in gold or his dear friend the professor might meet an unfortunate end. Mark is use to working with his friends and people he can trust but with his friend's lives in the balance he will have to go this adventure alone or so he thinks. As I said the biggest reason I enjoyed the book is because of the narrator. Mikael Naramore is such an excellent narrator that he can gave a three star book an extra star just by talking. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request by audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Old-Fashioned Murder “I really enjoyed this book. It is a very funny, light hearted old fashion murder with feisty characters that you can't help but love. The mystery was good but it is the characters that make it so much fun, especially Aunt Shirley. This is book three in the series and having listened to all three books so far I can say that I enjoyed them all and highly recommend sitting back and enjoying a series that is going to have you laughing and glad that Aunt Shirley isn't your embarrassing aunt. Ryli is looking for a story to run on the front page over Valentine's day but is struggling coming up with something interesting enough. Aunt Shirley wants her to do a story on the missing items at the assisted living facility where she lives and also catch the theif at the same time. Ryli hopes she has finally found a story of love good enough, in the form of three best friends who have been there for each other through the lose of three husbands but before she can put pen to paper she is witness to several alterations between one of the residents. So when he is found dead the next morning Ryli and Shirley have to investigate even though nobody is certain it was murder. Accusing the staff isn't the best way to go about it and the staff find a reason to kick Shirley out. If Ryli wants to be able to go out on her valentines date with her boyfriend she must find the thief and hopefully the killer first because Oak Grove manor won't let Shirley back in until they do. I liked the narrator she uses a wide range of voices for the characters which makes them easy to tell apart. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobookunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Dirty Harriet “I enjoyed this book it is sassy and feisty just how I think a female private investigator should be. The mystery was good and did keep you guessing, although I had come to suspect the killer. There was a section of the book I really wish I hadn't been listening to with my mother in the room, it is clean (no sex) just a medical exam to which she ask me "What are you listening to?" Other than I enjoyed it, I liked the characters and the way she talked to the crocodile, it really gave you a sense of living somewhere very different. What with Boca babes, mansions and swamps you get the feeling there is a whole other world out there. Off to start the next book. Harriet has just been asked to investigate her first homicide case, something very different to her normal job of busting up fraudsters. An immigrant has been killed, she had just worked here way out of the tomatoes picking fields into working as a maid in a mansion but nobody cares she is dead. Except an old friend from Harriets past, Contessa von Phil asks her to look into it. Slipping back into high heels and make up is a lot harder than you think and this might just be a job for Dirty Harriet rather than Boca babe. The immigrant women are afraid to talk, the men won't talk and for the elite talking to Harriet is beneath them. Can Harriet find out is going on or is there more than a language barrier in the way? I have heard a few audio books by this narrator and have enjoyed them every time because she puts in a good performance. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Bones & Drones “I really like this book. I think it was the unusual plot line that made it so captivating. I was worried that the story was going to be a bit weird or sci-fi which isn't my normal choice of genre but it sound interesting so I gave it a go. Glad I did I enjoyed it and not a ghost in sight- the main character just liked the quiet of the graveyard and while there talked to the grave stones. I bit quirky (as the she didn't even know them) but somehow it worked for the character, who was fun and likeable. I liked her home life and could understand why she liked the cemetery so much. There was a number of characters and suspects so it kept it interesting and a number of them had unusual names. I will definitely be looking out for the next book in the series. Paislee has had a crush on her best friend since grade school but after a stolen kiss she decides she would rather keep him as a friend than risk losing him altogether. But letting him down gently isn't easy and the very next morning the mayor is at the door in listing her and her father's helps because a body has been found. In the very spot that Paislee said good bye to Elgort. It is only after arriving at the scene that she learns it isn't her friend but it is someone she went to school with and someone had murdered him. The only clue they uncover is a note with connections to the founders of the town. With all the time and research she was put in learning about the town the mayor wants her to find out more about the name on the note and more importantly find the grave in case it has connections to the murdered boy. The mayor also in list Gage (paislee best girl Paul's brother) to find the grave first with his drone. Will the two pitted against each other be able to work together and find the grave or more importantly find a killer? I liked the narrator and thought she spoke clearly and had fun with the characters, I also liked the odd accent she had to use. All round a fun quirky book that I really enjoyed. I was given this free copy audio book at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”
Anasazi Intrigue “I enjoyed this book. It is in the modern detective genre but I think it should be in the Indiana Jones section !?! Because that is what it reminded me of with alll the talk of artefacts, the romance, bad guys and the action or tense situations very Indiana. There was a mystery tuning through the story but no real questioning of the suspects and they just stumbled over the answer. I did like the characters especially the feisty Julia, I like it when females can take care of themselves and I did like John but some of this pranks seemed ill timed. I did enjoy it and will be listening to the next book but as a big mystery fan it wasn't quiet what I was expecting. In the aftermath of a flood, reporter Julia Evans notices a lot of dead fish in an area not to badly hit by the flood. She begs her boss to let her investigate and soon starts a mystery that starts with dead animals but could quickly end up costing Julia her life. At the same time her husband has noticed some strange behaviour at a local dig site and is worried if Julia gets wind of the artefacts going missing she will put herself in harm's way investigating a bigger story. Can the two of them work out what killed the fish and who looted the treasure? I liked the narrator but did speed it up because she was a bit slow. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Gertrude, Gumshoe: Murder at Goodwill “This is the second book in the Gertrude Gumshoe series and even though I did enjoy it I preferred book one. Gertrude is the same nosy old lady who gets into trouble and every situation is life and death but there wasn't enough suspects or questioning of them for my liking. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy it and I will be listening to book three but the mystery wasn't as good, more funny calamity after another. When Gertrude stumbles over a dead body while shopping at the local goodwill store for Christmas presents, she has no choice but to investigate when she buts heads with the policeman in charge. You see she saw the murder weapon before it went missing and when the policeman repeatedly tells her to stay out of it, she goes undercover as the newest employee. There is no better place to find the murder weapon than In one of the many many goodwill bins and at the same time she might just bag herself a killer. I like the narrator and thought she did a good job with portraying the elderly Gertrude. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
Dead Letter “This is the first book by this author that I have read but I enjoyed it. The quirky and unusual cast of characters are what made it fun, I think it is the fact the characters were elderly or retirees and played up the fact that they were doddery when In fact they were more up with the times than anyone knew, in fact one is a hacker and is beating the younger generation at video games. The mystery was good and I loved all the breaking and entering to get clues and the mishap that ensued. Think of a modern day Sam Spade setting. Martin and Della run a private detective agency and when they received a letter asking them to pick up a doll from a pawn shop they had no idea of what was to come. The doll belonged to a man killed just minutes after posting the letter and when they try to return the doll to the owner they put themselves on the radar of a killer. It is not long before both there home and office is broken into but why would someone go to so much trouble for a cheap China doll? It is only after they stumble across what looks like a suicide that Martin, Della and the team pull out all the stops and do some of there own breaking and entering. Especially as they are worried about how the suicide would effect Martin, a retired policemen. Can they find out what the killer is really after and just how many deaths have been ruled as suicide? When they are actually murders. The narrator is right for the part, as the story is about retires but speaks quite slowly, so I set the story to be read at a faster speed and then she sounded fine. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntary left this review.”
Body in the Boot “I enjoyed meeting the characters in the first book so jumped at the chance to listen to this book. So glad I did as I really enjoyed it. The characters are still a lot of fun and I love the way they play up there strengths and weakness, very amusing and I especially loved the big tough cops integrating the little old women. The mystery was good because a lot was going on and with the mix of home life and case work it was interesting to the very last sentence, I had come to the right conclusion as to who the killer was just as the story revealed it. The story does jump from different characters but I think this really works because the team could cover every angle of the case to get to the bottom of it. I will be keeping an eye out for the next book in the series. Wendy is helped on a case by a gentleman and she is ecstatic when the new friendship shows signs of being something more. On the way to discuss the next theatre show she and her blue haired troupe are planning to put on she comes across a body and is pleasantly pleased to become the police's number one suspect. That is until they identify the dead man and then the daughter of the man Wendy has set her sights on becomes the prime suspect. Wendy hires her friends and colleagues at the M.Falcon detective agency to look into the matter. With Wendy's acting skills, a hacker and an ex police man on the team it is not long before they uncover lots of reasons why a lot of people wanted him dead and a lot more celebrating is going on than grieving. Now they just have to convince the police to look in a different direction which proves to be harder than it should be. I liked the narrator and thought she user a wide range of voices for the characters although I am not sure they sounded as elderly as the author intended. Still enjoyed it and hope she reads the next book as well. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”
Once She Saw…Bats “I wasn't sure about this book because I thought it was going to be more science fiction, you know about vampires but it caught my eye so I thought I would give it ago. I can safely say no vampires just real bats and a fun mystery. I enjoyed it but the only down side is I wish it could have been longer because 3 hours 16 minutes isn't very long to get to know the characters before it is over, especially as the narrator spoke to slowly and I had to increase the speed. Other than that it was fun and I liked the unusual plot line. Araminta arrives for a holiday to find a policeman that she has worked with before consoling her grief stricken friend and owner of the hotel. A guest had died the night before In strange circumstances and nobody heard a thing. They is blood that doesn't belong to the victim in the room but he it seems died of fright. Araminta is soon investigating to help save the reputation of her friends hotel. The man wasn't a nice man and she soon uncovers that there was plenty of people with a reason to kill him. But did he really deserves to die that way? The narrator was good, once I speeded up the recording before I found the pauses between the words to long and dragged out. I was give this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunlead and have voluntarily left this review.”
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang “I enjoyed this fun quirky mystery. A murder mystery and animals what more could you want? The characters are fun and I love the long running fight over the brooch, each book is set around one of two cousins as they each solve a mystery.This does mean each book is a stand alone story and the cases get solved, the only exception is to who has the brooch at the end of the book. As the cover shows it is a humorous story and a lot of fun. The mystery is good and has a number of suspects. All in all a fun series. Caro is attending an art gallery with a differences, all the works of art are painted by cats. The owner of the cats is Carl's neighbour kitty and when she has to leave early she asks Caro to take the two stars of the show home. On the way home she is shocked to come across a car accident and even more to find out her neighbour died in the crash. When kitty's newly found sister April May turns up the pair start to investigate. Well April May does, Caro just tags along to keep her safe, honest. I liked the voices the narrator gave the characters all except April May she was a bit squeaky for my liking. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request by audiobookunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.”
The Hanged Man’s Noose “I enjoyed this book. It is the the first book by this author I have listened to but I have already downloaded the next book. Mainly because it was a good mystery and I didn't see who the killer was. The story is told by two characters so you get information and clues from two perspectives. They is a lot of characters so didn't always keel them straight but it did make it interesting, plenty of suspects. I think the characters will over time and each book grow to be likeable people. Emily is given a new assignment as the editor of a magazine, her real job is to work out what Garrett Stonehaven a developer wants with a small town. Emily and Garrett have a history so she jumps at the chance to find any dirt on the man she blames for her Mother's death. The problem is Lount's landing is anything but a sleepy town and the town is divided into two camps the ones that love his ideas for main street and the one's against. Within days of arriving there are two deaths but were they really accidents? Emily's reporter nose tells her no. She quickly makes friends with the new owner of the glass dolphin shop, Arabella who is firmly against the planes but can't tell her the real reason she took the job. Can the pair work out who was behind the murders and if it does have anything to do with development plans. With a small town there is plenty of gossip, history and secrets to uncover. I liked the narrator and thought she gave different voices to different characters making them easy to tell apart.”
Introducing Gertrude, Gumshoe “I enjoyed this is the first book by this author I have listened to but I have already downloaded the next book. I wish it could have been longer at 3 hours and 46 minutes it is a bit shorter to the 9 or so hours I am use to but other than that I liked it. Gertrude is a fun character with plenty of spunk and a walking frame but she is not old. It is a fun light hearted and often humorous story. Well worth the listen. When one of Gertrude's many cats goes missing she tracks it down to a neighbours caravan. Where she finds to children left alone with only her cat for company. There mother has gone missing and Gertrude has her first case, the only clue is to start at the strip joint where she works. Gertrude needs to enlist many of her fellow neighbours to help, mainly because she needs there car not there detecting skills, that she can manage by her self. It is not long before she stumbles over naughty photos, a blackmail scam and a dead body. Will Gertrude first case turn from investigation to body guarding? She fears for another strippers life and vowels to not let her become the next victim even if it means beating the killer off with a walker. Now if she could just master technology and cell phones as easy as it is to become a pi. I liked the narrator and thought she was perfect for the elderly sluth. I did listen to is speeded up though. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”
Finding Lizzy Smith “This is the first book by this author I have read or listened to but I have already download the next book.because I enjoyed it. The mystery was good but I had worked out what was going on by the end, this didn't detract from the story it was just nice to know I was right. The characters are a tight knit group and work well together, it even had the add fun of a dog. There was a number of twists in the book, as they tried to work out why the group of friends was being killed and even if the high body count was all murders. I am off to start the next book. Kate is worried when an old friend doesn't turn up for a meeting she had arranged but what is even more worrying is the red laser dot on her chest. Is someone trying to kill her? And what happened to Lizzy? The police can't do anything because she is an adult and needs to be missing for 48 hours before they can start looking for her, even with the shooting accruing. It's a good job Kate is one half of a private investigation team. With the added help of another friend Kate and her friends look back into he past for some answers because they use to be a group of nine and now they are down to six. Two murders, an accident and now a disappearance they are either the unluckiest group of friends or someone is taking them out one at a time. Can Kate work out the connection before anymore of her friends or even herself is killed? And do it all while still solving her own cases? She can't let clients or her partner who has nothing to do with the past, down. I liked the narrator with the exception of one voice it was just to high pitched and squeaky. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”
Mob Bosses & Tax Losses “Another story from the time traveling tax man that I couldn't stop listening to. I just love this series and can't wait for the next book to be released as it was sort of left on a little cliff hanger. I love Nancy as a character she is a strong independent woman with brains and isn't afraid to fight back but also has a soft gentle side, even Alfred has grown on me as he develops in each book, under the carefully eye of Nancy. As Alfred prepares to give a speech in front of his peers and colleagues about tax laws he is struck by some discrepancies in an old case that he wanted to make as an example of. With Nancy having fixed the time traveling device and more importantly being out of town, Alfred finds he can't help thinking about how a mob boss got away with breaking the law while his lackey a corrupt cop went to prison. Alfred decides to travel back in time to find out what really happened In 1940 but he has no idea that his little jump will change the course of history because Alfred mistakenly takes back a little fur ball called Satan, who just happens to be Nancy's cat. It's not long before Nancy pieces together Alfred's lies and comes running back to rescue the love of her life. Oh and Alfred. Can the two of them work together and do what the cops of that era couldn't do? Take down the mob and maybe save some lives in the process? I like the narrator he does a good job with the voice of Alfred making him sound guilty and at the same time as always being in the right, which is just perfect for Alfred. I hope he continues with the series.”
T-Rexes & Tax Law “This is a different book for me to listen, my choice is cozy mysteries but I fancied a change and the blurb sounded interesting so I gave it a go. Glad I did as I enjoyed it and am going to get book two. Again the title sounds strange and not one I would normally listen to- UFOs and unpaid taxes but some how the author made this one work so I am going to give it a try. I liked it because it was so unusual, there was also a slight mystery (which kept me happy) as to who had followed them and was trying to kill off the survivors. I liked the characters and the way Alfred used creative words for swearing, also the way he has no problems when it comes to his job and upholding the law but life and every thing else he is less assured of himself even if he doesn't know it. When Alfred and Nancy go on a field trip to investigate some irregularities with a company's taxes and the fact that everybody in the company disappeared, they had no idea that the helicopter ride to the desert and a secret base would change there lives. The empty base in abandoned and there task seems impossible the computer doesn't work because there is no power. No power that is except for the power running to the big button. The big button that Alfred can't help but press. Sending them back in time to when the dinosaurs walked the earth and then begins a fight to survive, good job they are able to find the missing scientist. However any changes in the past could effect them in the future and by traveling back in time they have already made one big change that could effect every one and give Alfred a big headache trying to understand it all . Will the change mean they can get back to there own time line or are they stuck? I liked the narrator but did have to increase the speed a bit because he talked a bit to slowly, the voices were good though and you could always tell who was speaking.”
UFOs & Unpaid Taxes “I enjoyed this book. It is so unusual to what I normally listen to but it is just a great series, that I am hooked. I really liked the twist to the story and think the author does an excellent job of twisting what should be a strange story and making it work. If you like quirky fun stories with funny one liners then this book and In fact the whole series is for you. The story is book two in the series but works just as well as a stand alone. Alfred is on the hunt for tax fraud and this time he is on his own. This finds him in the Nevada desert to find out why a business is in the black when the small town is booming with lots of alien tourist in the area. It's not long before he falls foul of the local law and when he stumbles on a secret they are trying to keep, his job is threatened. Alfred, with no girlfriend and no job decides to try and do the wrong thing for the right reasons. This means breaking into a government installation and going on the run, with a very special friend. Going undercover isn't easy and its not long before the pair is joined by computer Tec. Nancy and ex marine Josh. Can they keep there secret quiet or will the men in black catch up to them. I liked the narrator but did have to speed him up, as he talked to slow”
MarvelousCon & Tax Cons “I really enjoyed this book, as I am the whole series. The author has a way of making a plot that should be weird really work and each book is so totally different from the last. I am lovely the way she is coming up with new plots for the characters to face with there dry wit and humour. The characters are growing with each book and as they develop you like them a little bit more. I did think it might get a bit confusing having two Alfreds's in the picture but this is not the case. Can't wait to start book 4 to see what the author has in store for them next. I would recommend you start with book one because the author doesn't waste much time going over previous capers (it is mentioned but not in any great detail) and I think it helps to know the background behind the characters, also it great fun. Nancy is able to talk Alfred into taking time off work and going to a dreaded comic book convention, his worst nightmare. That is until future Alfred comes to tell him Nancy dies in his time line and he MUST stop it. Alfred soon finds out that no matter what he tries he gets another visit and so enlists help from an unlikely source, Josh Nancy's ex marine/ex boyfriend. Surely the two of them can keep her safe? Alfred thinks getting Nancy away from work, where all the trouble started, should keep her alive but with a ruthless killer on there heels not even costumes and disguises will help. There is only one thing for go boldly where no man has gone before...Well except for all the geek's. I liked the narrator and hope he sticks with the series because he has slowly worked his way into the voice of Alfred and I can't imagine anyone else doing it now.”
Murder at Mistletoe Manor “I enjoyed this short holiday themed mystery. It was a nice easy listen and despite there being lots of deaths there wasn't any graphic details and In fact you weren't even sure they were murders or just lots of accidents. I liked the inn setting and think if this was to become a series then the characters could become fun and interesting as you learn more about them, but it the short amount of time in this book it was more focused on the murders. I did know who the killer was and why, despite the author trying to deflect the suspicion. It was still a good listen. Klarinda is surprised to find her little inn fully booked at Christmas, normally her slowest time of the year. and the guests are all arriving on the same night. It is only after they have arrived that they realise that they know each other and evenen more surprising is that they all won the stay in a competition run by the inn, that Klarinda had no knowledge of. What is going on? Why would anyone want them all together stuck in one place at the same time? And why would someone send Klarinda an envelope full of money paying for all of them to stay there? It is only when strange accidents start to happen to the group that Klarinda wonders if this is more than just a reunion. With the snow storm keeping the police to busy to really investigate Klarinda will have to get to the bottom of it before her little inn gets a reputation as being the unluckiest inn in the world. I liked the narrator he spoke clearly and used a variety of voices for the characters. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”
Guardian Angel Files Book 2: Kindred Spirits “I really enjoyed this book. This is book two and continues from where book one left off, so I would recommend that you start with Spirit's Bane, it does say it is a stand alone book but I am not sure it would be as enjoyable as a lot is explained in book one and I am not sure it will make sense without listening to it first I like the unusual plot line, it is still good against evil but what makes it different is it is being fought by angels and demons. The bond between the two main characters is strong and that comes through in the writing. Can't wait for the next book. Mina still trapped by the spirits bane reckless that was put on her by the demon, this means it is painful to shift into her spirit form and she must stay human. But being a guardian she is trying to help people and at the same time stay hidden so not to cause harm to innocent humans that might get caught or drawn into the fight. Meanwhile Allister her kindred spirit partner is being targeted by the demons in the hope that he will leave the spirit world and lead them to Mina. Can the pair work out away to be together because they both know that together they are stronger and might stand a chance of braking Mina free from the spirit's bane once and for all. I liked the narrator, he uses a variety of different voices to bring the characters to life.”
Hound Dog Blues “This is the first book by this author I have read or listened to but I liked it so it won't be my last. I liked the mystery and the mystery surround the mysterious next door neighbour and the humour was quirky enough that it was entertaining if not out right funny. The missing/dognapped dog was an unusual plot story, which is what hooked me to being with The characters were fun and kept me listening until the end just to work out what was going on. Harley stumbles over a dead body when she is out looking for her parent's lost dog. The dog is hated by all the neighbours and when they recive a ransom note Harley had no idea that her top suspect, the woman who has a restraining order on her Dad because they have fought over the dog so often, would would be lying dead in her home. The worst thing is yet to come, Harley's parents disappear before the police can question them about her Dad being seen at the house, at least they found the dog before vanishing, one thing less to worry about. With Harley's hippy dad's freedom on the line Harley starts to investigate and that includes the hunky new neighbour who just moved into the house next to her parents. With missing parents, stolen jewellery, strange neighbours, a best friend cop who know more than he is telling and threats will Harley get to the bottom of the murder? And find her parents before the police? I liked the fact that there is a male and female narrator and it did help the story but somehow it didn't work, I couldn't always tell who was supposed to be talking other than a man or lady, neither of the narrator's had much range between the characters voices and the males all sounded gruff and deep. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”
Guardian Angel Files Book 1: Spirit’s Bane “This is a different book for me but I enjoyed it. I normally choose cozy mysteries but I like the author so thought I would give it a listen. Glad I did and I have downloaded the next next book to see what happens next. I liked the characters and the different situations that they found themselves facing. The story sees two young guardians under going training to find out what best suits them in order to help humans, so the story starts with little tasks such as stopping a knife fight at a school. That is until the Demons ramp up there attack plan because they have worked out the two new recruits are no ordinary guardians. This ensures that a battle between good and evils starts that could change the word forever but the one thing with demons is they don't fight fair. I liked the narrator and thought he did some very good voices for the characters. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”
Case of the Strawberry Cream Stabbing “Sorry this wasn't for me. I found the characters annoying and didn't really like them. The mystery side only really had two suspects so no twist or surprise as to who the killer was. Also I don't know why the author choose to have a male narrator as the story was based around three ladies and even though he tried hard to make it enjoyable I think it would have play better with a female. The story line with the missing cat add a fun side to the plot and there was a few funny moments too. When Beatrice's date doesn't show she is appalled to find out he was a womanizer and she wasn't the only date he had made. But that was no reason to kill the man. However the police are quick to believe it of her friend who is found standing over the body covered in blood, she to had been seeing him. Beatrice is quick to come to her friends defence despite the lies being told and when he cat goes missing she vows to free her friend from prison and find her cat because she can't stand to lose anyone else. As I said the narrator wasn't right for this story but he did try hard giving the characters very different voices some a bit to high pitched and talked clearly and very precisely so was easily understand able. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”
Girls’ Night Out Murder “This is the first book by this author that I have listened to or read but it won't be the last as I really enjoyed it, I might have to get book one. I liked the characters but especially the feisty Aunt Shirley and found her antics very funny but glad she isn't my aunt or I would have died from embarrassment. The mystery was good but I had worked out who the killer was before the end of the book. Still a good listen that I enjoyed. Ryli's brother is marrying her best friend but things don't run smoothly for the happy couple. First they have to deal with a drunk aunt Shirley helping to plan there big day. The second problem is when the girls arrive at the lake house cabin they arrive just in time to get caught up in a murder. Ryli is the one to find the body and automatically becomes the number one suspect in the eyes of the police. Under the fear of being arrested Ryli and aunt Shirley start to question old friends and follow clues in the hopes to solve the murder before the wedding. Despite the murder casting a dark shadow over the whole presiding the girls decide to go ahead and have the hen party, that is until the police break up the celebrations with the news that another close friend had been murdered and they are looking even harder at Ryli. Can Aunt Shirley put down the jello shots and cake tasting samples in time to get to the bottom of the murders? I like the narrator and thought she did a good job giving each character there own voice and bringing the story to life.”
The Dark Side of Science “I really enjoyed this book. I have had this book in my library for a while but kept putting it off because I wasn't sure I wanted to listen to experiments being carried out on children and choose a lighter listen, one that wouldn't make me cry- I cry at Disney films. I had nothing to worry about and Why on earth did I leave it so long? Nothing like that happened at all and In fact I really enjoyed it and found it fascinating. I liked the characters, even the scientists as they seemed to really care for the children. I did get a bit confused with all the characters and which child was on which team but I think it is a book you can listen to again and the second time I might follow along better. Science was along time ago for me but the author doesn't bamboozle you with science in fact you start straight in with a gripping story. Jessica went to extraordinary lengths to keep her greatest success and her biggest mistake a secret. Now that decision has come back to haunt her. The one thing she greatly wanted to forget by taking an amnesia inducing drug is now the most important thing that she remembers, lives are at stake. The lives of her children. The government can only fund one project and so divisive a competition to find the best and the loser will be cut, permanently. The contestants are children aged between 4 and 10 but they are no ordinary children they have been enhanced. Can the doctor or the children find a way to help each other? I liked the narrator and thought he did a good job with all the voices whether old or young.”
Wipe Out “I wanted to like this book but for some reason I just couldn't. I think it was because I didn't really like the main character, he seemed shallow. The setting was nice and I usually like books set in Hawaii because with all the tv programs set there It is easy to picture but the author kept using the Hawaiian names that ment nothing to me, I also had to really concentrate because he would start talking Hawaiian and I had to work out what they were saying (short abbreviated words). The mystery side was interesting and I did listen to the whole book to find out what happens but not sure if I would give another one of these books ago. Sorry. Kai is the surfing detective and he is hired by a heavily pregnant woman to find her husband. He wiped out after riding the biggest ride of his life but with no dead body the life insurance company won't pay out. Can Kai find any answers? Looking into his life before his death Kai finds out that Corky wasn't acting normally and so starts an investigation that lead him on the trail of a stolen car, missing drugs and a second wife. The narrator was okay but I didn't really like all the sound effects of the waves and at some points it nearly drowns out the narrator. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”
Bombshell: An Ava Romantic Mystery “I enjoyed this book, it did slow down a bit on the middle but by the end it exploded with a bang. Ava is a different character for this series and I did find her annoying to start with, the way she jumped from man to man- she sounded like the girl every man is in love with and every woman hates but as the story went on and you learnt more about her story she grows on you and you see a more likeable side to her. Ava a single mum starts a new job as a temp but on the way to the interview she stumbles over a body. It is not long before she realises that the murdered girl was one of the three girls she use to babysit for as a teenager and the other two girls are missing. With the police slow to start investigating a strippers murder Ava vowels to do right by the girls and keep pestering the police to find the killer. Being the bombshell Ava is it is not long before she gets noticed at work and her boss on hearing her sign sends her to New York to sign a demo cd. When she comes back to the island she falls fowl of the police and has to make a deal with them that have far reaching consequences. The island twang this narrator uses for the characters is excellent and makes the book fun to listen to.”
Operation Nexus One “On the whole I did enjoy this but found towards the end I was waiting for something to happen. The reason for this is because the story jumps about in time and with a lot of characters this happened a lot, as each characters thinks of something in there past that effects there future. Other than that I enjoyed it and liked the idea of the plot. Many of the characters from the first book also appear in this book, as it continues from where the last finished but you don't need to have listened to the first book to understand it. Mark has settled back into life at work, that is until his old friend the professor turns up unexpectedly and asks for his professional help. Divers are disappearing from a small island and the professor knows why. Mark enlists help from a business man and Grandfather to one of his students, this is because this time he needs a submarine. The professor doesn't tell them but the team is on the hunt for the hand of king Midas that lays at the bottom of the sea. It is on land that they find there greatest danger in the form of an old foe . He has plans to get his own back and finally get what he wants, even if it means causing civil unrest amongst the small island community. Can Mark and his team get to the bottom of the disappearance or will they have to call in the big guns. The narrator is the big reason I choose to listen to this book.”
Nowhere to Run “I really enjoyed this book. There was plenty of action to make the seven plus hours of listening time fly by. What I liked was you never knew how it was going to turn out. The story is told from several perspectives which keeps the story flowing along nicely, even if you have to wait for the next chapter to see how some action scenes played out. The characters were like able (I especially liked the one liners from Eddie) and made you care about them enough that you wished it was a book so you could skip to the end to find out how it ends but at the same time you didn't want to get to the end. I hope there is more books for Jack Monroe to star in enough to make a series because I for one will be keeping an eye out for more. Special Agent Victoria Davenport thought her days of needing a gun were over when her husband is brutally murdered by his business partner and she and her young son go into the witness protection program. That is until she is woken from sleep by a gun being forced into her neck. Some how the Russian Mob boss has found her and once again she and her son are fleeing for there lives. US marshal Jack Monroe and his team are personally assigned the case by his boss to find them before it is to late. Victoria was betrayed before by one of her own and men got killed so neither she or Jack is taking any chances. Victoria has to find someone to trust and Jack has to find out who she would trust. Will there paths cross in time to keep Victoria and her son alive or will the Russian Mob boss finally get his revenge on the woman who got away? I liked the narrator he did plenty of different voices so you had no problems knowing who was talking but I did think Jack the main characters voice was a bit deep.”
Poison My Pretty “I really enjoyed this book and hope it is just the first of many more books to come. The characters are interesting and the friendship between them seems strong. Thee introduction of magic is nicely worked into the plot and gives the book a little spark of adventure without taking over the mystery. The look into the child beauty pageant is fun and entertaining and sure to give you a few chuckles over some of the behaviour. When actress Poppy's tv show is cancelled she returns home, for a quieter life working in her best friends flower shop, to give herself time to find herself. Things take turn when she is asked to stand in as a judge for the annual beauty show., where back stabbing and cheating is normal behaviour and that is from the parent's. But back stabbing isn't what kills the director of pageant. With more enemies than friends around it is not surprising that someone takes the opportunity to poison her as she just makes enemies where ever she goes. When one of Poppy's friend is arrested for the murder Poppy can't help but get involved and then it gets personal and one of the guests at her Aunts bed and breakfast is also murdered leading Poppy to believe a lot more is going on than just a fight over a crown. This is the first time I have listened to this narrator but I thought she was really good and I will be looking out for more books read by her, as she really brought the characters to life with there own unique voices. Over all a great book and a series I will be keeping an eye out for.”
Yip/Tuck “This is the second book in this series that I have listened to and I enjoyed both books. Yes I know this is book four but I can safely say you don't need to listen to them in the correct order to enjoy because the books seem to stand alone, so just sit back and enjoy. I like the characters and found them fun, especially the feisty Betty and hope she is going to be a recurring character. The mystery was good, I had worked out who the killer was despite there being a number of suspects but the story was interesting and funny enough that I listened to it all in one day. Melinda is surprised to find Dr O'Doggle sat outside Bow Wow Boutique but the surprising thing is he is dead wearing a dog collar sold in her shop. Melinda has no intention of getting involved, even if she did find the body, but when Tova a bitter enemy begs for help, she finds she can't refuse her. Dr O'Doggle was the love of Tova's life and she needs Melinda's help getting a treasured photo back from his office, an office guarded by an office dragon. Melinda gets more than she bargains for when retrieving the photo, as she learns about the good doctors secret life.and for once it is not as simple as just having an affair. Melinda and best friend Darby find themselves entering the world of the drag Queens. As a unrecoonizable Tova becomes suspect number one Melinda can't help but ask questions. Can the pair shine the spotlight on the real killer? Or is there another murder to come? I liked the narrator and found her easy, laid back voice easy to understand.”
The Hunt for the Holy Grail “This is a different book for me, I like cozy mysteries with the exception of Matthew Reilly (I love his books) and thought from the picture and the blurb that I had found a similar writer in this book.I did enjoy this story but it left me feeling well okay then what was that all about? The story jumps from character to character, different locations and even time, there was a few flashbacks/memories to explain why the character acted the way they did. So you had to concentrate to keep ever thing straight, there was a lot of characters. There was plenty of action and a love interest, as well as bad guys to keep it interesting. Anyway I am off to start book two to see how things develop. Mark Lockheed is an archaeologist but not like Indiana Jones. He doesn't get to wear the cool hat, carry a whip and always get the girl. In fact he is a geeky guy that works for the government in a windowless office, where his colleagues don't like him. That is until he gets kidnapped and then starts a quest that will change his life forever.Three different powerful men are looking for the holy grail and they are want Mark to find it for them and so ensures a game if cat and mouse to be the first to find it. I was humming and hawing whether or not to give this book a go, I was undecided but as soon as I saw Mikael Naramore was the narrator I jumped at the chance. He is one of my favourite Narrators and makes a good book great every time.”
Dead Pan “I enjoyed this light easy cozy mystery. This is book two but it stands a stand alone book, so you don't need to have listened to book one to enjoy it, I haven't. It was quite fun so I might end up getting book one for my collection. The picture say that recipes are included but luckily they are not in the audio book version (sorry but I don't like it when twenty minutes of a story are taken up with recipes I am not likely to make). A bit of story time is taken up with baking but that is so a group of guinea pigs can have a party and the main character can ask some questions. I found the whole thing light and amusing. The mystery was good but despite there being a number of suspects and reasons, I did know who the killer was. When a number of people fall sick at a party that Daphne has provided the cake for she is worried her cake will be blamed. Luckily the party is being hold for a pharmaceutical company and the head doctor is on hand with a nearly developed vaccine. While visiting the only man to need hospital treatment the man dies and Daphne promises his mother she will investigate. Was his death because of his brain injury caused by a car crash years ago? Daphne's family don't want her to investigate, she is a baker not a detective but when someone she cares about also gets sick, she puts down her pans and starts asking question. Questions someone doesn't want asked . I liked the narrator and thought she did a good job with all the different voices.”
The Circus “I did like this but it wasn't what I was expecting. It was billed as a modern detective story, so I spent the whole story waiting for a murder to happen (spoiler alert there isn't any) instead the book is made up lots of everyday mysteries like who is stealing from the circus people? why use water to oil a caravan? And who is the seeing who? All solved by the resident psychic. The stories were short bits of fun and ended with each new chapter. They were often funny and I think great for a car ride or a short journey. The characters were fun and I liked the circus setting making it an unusual story. The narrator tried hard with her Irish accents but to an English ear it sounded funny and at times that was what made me laugh”
The Kidnapped Bride “I enjoyed this easy to listen to cozy mystery. The story is just like the cover artwork depicts a light, clean easy mystery just right for filling in a few hours. There was a lot going on with a number of characters that it kept it entertaining. This is the first book by this author I have listened to but I will look out for more books by him again. Patricia is on a cruise ship enjoying her time with her newly made friends when the peace is shattered by an unexpected helicopter landing. With the unplanned land comes lots of trouble in the form of gangster Bosses and there goons. And they are all seem to be after the same thing a passenger that has gone missing. The newly pointed Head of security is over whelmed and asks Patricia to step in and get to the bottom of the mess but whenever there is a tuff war between warring fractions of the mob guns are going to start blazing. Can Patricia keep herself and her friends a live long enough to see the end of the cruise. The narrator was okay but being British I found the voice a little bit annoying as I don't know anyone that speaks like that but I did get use to it.”
From Garden to Grave “Wow, I just loved this book and hope the next book is released soon because I want to find out what happens next. The characters were fun and I enjoyed the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the aunt. The small facts and secrets that Verity found out added a little something to the story and gave a little twist to what promises to be a great cozy mystery series. It also had me chuckling in a few places. When Verify's Aunt disappears in leafy Hollow, she has to leave her apartment after two years and face her fears to travel to the sleepy town. When she arrives things are not quite what she is expecting, her aunts cottage is run down and her garden business is in trouble. Verity doesn't believe her resourceful and eccentric aunt can be dead and decides to stick around and keep things going for her aunt until she returns. The problem is Verity doesn't know anything about gardening and her first job doesn't go well but it turns even worse when the client turn up dead. It turns out Leafy Hollow isn't so sleepy and as Verity was the last person to have a shouting match with the victim the police are taking a closer look at her. Can Varity solve the disappearance of her aunty? Or more importantly dig up clues that will stop herself from being arrested? The narrator was good and I liked her use of vocals for all the characters. All in all I liked this book and I highly recommend it, in fact I am going to suggest my mum listens to it too.”
Ghost Girl Files Book 1: Fatal Interest “I loved this book, I just wish it had be longer and I hope there are more to come. I did wonder if I had missed a few as it referred to pervious cases but as this book is called book one I guess I didn't, if there is another book I would like to hear more about the organisation that Miranda works for and how they came about. I liked the main character and especially the clever dog, the plot of going under cover in a boarding school was unusual. Even though it is called ghost girl files the ghost didn't really play a role in the case just helped set up the case, so if you are not a fan of Sy-Fy books don't let that put you off. Miranda is hired to look into who has been breaking in to dorm rooms and classrooms at a very expensive boarding school. The headmistress is worried that someone is planning to kidnap one of the rich children or worst and Miranda and her dog go under cover as the dorm mother to investigate. She soon works out to many rooms have been targeted and it is all most as if someone is searching for something but what? and can she work it out before her cover is blown? As being around moody, emotional teenagers all day is a lot tougher than she thought. I liked the narrator she had a very soothing voice.”
Shadow Council (Books 1-4) “Wow!!! I loved this book, so glad I discovered it as I really enjoyed it. This is a box set of four books but as most of the stories continues where the last one finished it was like listening to one big excellent book, the books are sold separately and last about three hours each so this was a brilliant way of getting your hands on all of them at once and making it a much better story, otherwise I would probably be saying I wish they had been longer. I really liked the characters from the assassin to the FBI agents family, I liked them all. The stories were all different but connected and there wasn't a bad one in the bunch. A must read or listen. Money makes it deadlier. A husband wants to get rid of his wife but a divorce is to expensive so he turns to a fixer on the shadow council. Who comes up with the idea of staging a bank robbery then a week later disgraced she kills herself. Unfortunately for him two special agents are investigating banks undercover and happens to be at the bank at the time of the robbery. Revenge makes it sweet. With his plans to kill his wife up in smoke he turns to bribing in order to gain the affections of his daughter. The shadow council are not happy with his actions and call for an open day on fixers and Martin Cantrell himself. When one is partly taken out He summons FBI agent Megan to protect the girl but that is in the cross hairs of warring fractions inside the agency but it seems she already has here own guardian angel. Christmas makes it Chaos Christmas time is a horrible time to be away from a young family and the is exactly why Megan arranges for her partner family to join them when they get the assignment of talking at a seminar. It's a shame the terrorist didn't warn them not to come to town. Megan finds herself partnering up with an unlike ally to spread the good cheer and more importantly to stay alive but can she trust her new friend or will she find coal in her stocking this year? Treachery makes it tense The unlike pairing of an FBI agent and assassin is required once again when a common enemy swears revenge against the pair that saw an endld to his deadly plan last time round. This time he is going bolder by targeting loved ones and getting them to kill each other. Is this a move he will life to regret or will they turn to the dark side? I really liked the narrator. She did an excellent job of keeping the story fun and entertaining, I would listen to her again.”
Scratched Off “I really enjoyed this book. I thought the plot was cleverly written giving both the detectives point of view and the crazy world of the killer, and it was enough of each to keep you hooked and listening for more. The blurb did have me wondering if it was going to be just a detective story or if it would have a touch of science fiction in it but as you listen the grey dust is easily explained and is a clever plot twist (there is no sci-fi, the bodies don't disappear leaving behind grey dust). A number of people died in some gruesome ways and although you knew how the story didn't go into a lot of gruesome details, just left it up to you to imagine, if you wanted to. Bodies are being left in parks, with nothing connecting them or linking them like race, gender, age, rich, poor nothing seems to matters to this equal opportunities killer. The FBI calls in special agent Samuel Kerman to investigate and the only clue they have is a grey dust found on the bodies. Tracking down the dust proves to be more elusive than catching the killer. Until Sam's girlfriend provides a vital clue as to the origin of the grey powder and then all bets are off. And a game of cat and mouse ensures but Sam and his team must be careful that they don't become the hunted. I liked the narrator and thought he did a good job with all the characters building up the tension and emotion.”
Picture Perfect Murder “I enjoyed book two in this series so much that I had to go back and start at the beginning. So glad I did this book was just as funny as the other book and I enjoyed them immensely. The mystery was good, with plenty of suspects and the love interest kept the story interesting.I just love the characters, especially Aunt Shirley what a hoot. If you are a fan of Jana DeLeon's Miss Fortune series then this is the series for you . Ryli trying to pay her bills is doing two jobs. The first is as a reporter for the local newspaper but it is the second one which is about to make her life interesting, that of crime scene photographer. After taking photos of a dead body Ryli can't help but ask questions in town, she know everyone and why wouldn't she join in with the local gossip. Okay she might know more about the crime scene than the average gossip but should that really put her on a killer's radar. Obviously it has because when she receives the cut out heart belonging to the victim even she must admit to being in trouble. When police chief Garrett also warns her to stay out of it, Ryli does the one thing she can do turns to her friend and aunt for help to stop a killer before she becomes the next murder that needs investigating. I really like the narrator and think she does an excellent job with the characters making them fun and likeable, which turns a great story even better.”
Fifty Shades of Greyhound “This is the first book by this author I have read or listened to but I enjoyed it, so it won't be the last. This is book five and you don't need to to have read any of the other stories to enjoy it. Having said that it might have helped at the start because the main character is at a party and you are introduced to a lot of characters at once which did get a bit much keeping them straight but as the story unfolds you soon catch up. The characters are fun and you also get a lot of fun and interesting facts about dogs. The mystery was good and with plenty of suspects it kept you guessing. It is a series I will be looking out for again. Caro is attending a fund raising event for greyhounds and with owners and pets all attending something is bound to go wrong with a rabbit at the party but the party really grounds to a halt when someone is murdered. The president of the fund raiser hires Caro in her capacity as a pet therapist just in case any of the poor dogs are suffering from the trauma. By doing this she also has to talk to each of the owners and the one thing they all want to talk about is the murder but as nobody know who the victim is it proves difficult to find a reason for the death. Then somebody else dies leaving a suicide note and two greyhounds. Caro doesn't believe the owner would killer herself or at least do it without providing for her dogs first, so she sets out to find out what is going on with the greyhound trust before the situation becomes any greyer. The narrator was okay. She did have a real twang that took a while to get use to but she did do a number of good voices for the characters.”
The Director’s Cut “This was a fun listen and I really enjoyed the story. I like the main character but with all the snooping and antics she gets herself involved in, like wearing a skimpy maids uniform, I have a hard time picturing her being over fifty. Other than that I liked the plot for the story and had worked out who the killer was only for the author to throw in a twist that made me think again. I will be looking out for the next book in the series. A Hollywood film crew are on board the ship filming a new action film and Patricia is quite happy to sit back and watch the show. Especially as her friend Barbie has been casted in a minor role. The film grinds to a sudden halt when the leading man is found murdered and Barbie's life is threatened. With a killer on board Patricia tries to stay out of it until someone booby traps Barbie's gym locker and fears for her friends life. With Barbie safely tucked away under the capable and watchful eye of Jermaine, Patricia launches her own investigation into the film crew and with an inside man on her side she will stop at nothing to ensure her friend stays safe. The narrator was good. Being English I don't always like it when people try to play the part of an English person, they normally sound to snobby but I thought Katherine Anderson did a good job.”
Spirits, Pies, and Alibis “I enjoyed this book. This is the first book by this author I have read or listened to but it won't be the last, especially as I have already downloaded book two. I like the characters and the whole quirky magic scene, where the magic doesn't always work.making the book funny. The mystery was good and even though I had guessed the reason with the twist in the tale I wasn't quite right. The story also had the slightly embarrassing start of a romance. Making the story over all a good listen that while listening to the hours will just fly by, like magic. Tamsyn have just lost her job, her boyfriend and her home receives a latter from an elderly aunt asking her to come and help out at her bed and breakfast. Which is just what Tamsyn needs a fresh start, despite it being the place her mother died so goes. Alone to find out her life hasn't finished being turned upside, the truth is her aunt doesn't really need help Tamsyn is the one that needs the help, help to learn magic because she is a witch. Getting over that fact or trying to come to turns with the strange things going on, Tamsyn agrees to meet her fellow witch's at a party. Only for the hosts uncle to die on the way there in a plane crash. Was it suicide? Something wrong with the plane? An accident or was it murder? The police decide suicide and close the investigation. Tamsyn knows better the ghost and crow that seem to be following her tell her others wise and she sets out to solve the case on her own, with a little bit on help from a grumpy cat, a cute guy that had a crush on her when she was growing up and magic. I liked the narrator, you could tell which character was speaking as they had there own voices, which is a plus when listening to an audio book.”
Forty & Out “This is the first book by this author I have read or listened to but it won't be the last because I will be keeping an eye out for the next book in the series. I liked the character, especially the way the two lone wolves of the homicide squad are forced to work together and make a good team. The plot was good and I liked the way the mystery unfolded and with determination they find the right guy. The trouble family lives and to the characters and make them more human. Someone is killing women on the night they celebrate there forth birthday but with some of the police officer believing that the women were just depressed at turning the big 4 0 and still not married. It is up to Detective Veronica 'Jadz' Jadzinki and new partner to prove they didn't commit suicide. With the body count rising, the detectives must balance the rigors of a serial killer hunt with the demands put on them from family life, such an ill mother, a drunk sister and an soon to be ex husband and appearance in court for previous cases. Someone with a grudge is gunning for Jadz and that is before the killer starts hunting her own.Will the two detectives get enough proof to put the killer away before he kills again? Especially as this time he has his sights set on someone closer to the detective. I liked the narrator and loved the voice she used for Jadz partner the accent really helped make the story entertaining.”