Audiobooks Unleashed Library

Tera Comer
The Savage Mountain Reverse Harem Boxset “I enjoyed all the books in this collection and the narrator did a wonderful job with all of the characters throughout all the books”
Cruel Elites: A New Adult Prison Academy Novel “While the story was extremely interesting and I will be interested in reading more, the narrator's voice is at an pitch that bothers me. While she did a wonderful job with the story I had a hard time staying in the story as I had to take many breaks because of the pitch.”
Queen of Dragons “Such a great spin on the after story for Sleeping Beauty, we watch as Princess Azia, Sleeping Beauty's daughter finds out that her parents plan to have her marry. We watch everything that transpires in a mirid of action and drama with a sprinkling of romance. Loved the narrator that was chosen for this book, they did so much better at giving life to the characters than my distracted mind did when I read the kindle edition. I can not wait to listen to more of the Kingdom of Fairytales series”
What Would It Take “This is a great short story by a simi new author to me. I loved the second chance for a first romance part of the book and how well Saxton and Sailor's chemistry flowed. As usual this narrator does a wonderful job, just like the rest of her work”
Twisted Crown “I love how heartbreaking yet enlightening that this book is. There are so many that do not understand exactly how a domestic violence victim is just that a victim. Many assume that they are able to just walk away and never know the full story. BRAVO to this author for writing this and keeping it tasteful. This was narrated by one of my favorite narrators which is why I wanted to listen to it. She always brings the characters and their story to life and always makes me feel the emotions that are meant for the book.”
Wolf Landing “Ms. Easterling 's books have fast action as well as life lessons to be learned in them. I have loved every one of her books and hope there will be many more in the future. The narrator does a wonderful job with all the characters and helps pull you into the book,”
Play To Kiss A Royal Lesfic Romance “I originally read this in the Royal and Reckless box set, but now listening to it as the audio version of Play to kiss. A dark read but was more on the fantasy realm for me. I enjoyed how twisted that Zafira was and enjoyed watching her trying to figure out Jade. The narrator did a great job bringing Zafira to life”
Tellan: Brides of the Mylos “I had a blast listening to this story. Even though there were plenty of political aspects in this book between the Mylos and the planet Earth there was plenty to keep things enjoyable. There were several times that I laughed so loud my husband heard me in another floor of the house. As for the narrator I really enjoyed how she handled all the different characters and accents”
Wolf Rampant Trilogy “I love the world that the author has created as well as the characters. Terra and Wolfie are so great and the narrator does a great job with them. I love all the characters in this series and I was so glad that the author created spinoffs to this wonderful group of characters.”
Alpha Underground Trilogy “This is a spinoff series from the Wolf Rampant series and lets just say this world is great! The narrator does a wonderful job with all the characters and helps pull you into the book,”
Shiftless “This book pulled me in and wouldn't let me go, I love how the author pulls you in with her imagination. Can't wait to see what is in store for Terra and Wolfie. The narrator does an excellent job bringing everyone to life”
Half Wolf “Not realizing that this was a spinoff book from a different series from the author I am rather pleased to say that I wasn't completely lost with the storyline as I have been in other books. The author does a wonderful job of letting the reader know a little from the previous series, without spoilers that would ruin that series, so we are not completely lost. I can't wait to listen all of the books now”
Making Her His “Although this is not the first book by this author that I have read, it is the first that I have listened to. This author never fails to entertain me with her stories and this one kept me pulled in until the end. The only thing wrong was the narration, there was to many inconsistencies and choppiness as well as sounds bleeding through from the background”
Calen’s Captive “Great addition to this standalone series. I love this authors writing style and the narrator for this one was so much better than the one from the first book.”
Outliers “Very interesting Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction story. The world that the author has created pulls you in and has you hooked on the different places that a person in the world is placed depending on where they were born. I liked that the story did not end on a cliffhanger, but rather at a natural break point in the story. The narrator did a great job!”
The Fine Line Between Love and Hate “An adorable story that is an opposites attract/enemies to lovers romance to keep pulled into the plot. This author is new to me but the narrator is one that I truly enjoy listening to. I really enjoyed how the author put so much humor in the storyline. The characters and world building are great and I can not wait to read/listen to more from this author”
Alien Prince Charming: A Sci-Fi Alien Fairy Tale Romance “Really cute spin on Cinderella that has everything you can think of in it, action, loyalty, love, betrayal and survival. This is a definite must listen to if you enjoy sci-fi alien romances.”
Alien Prince’s Mermaid: A Sci-Fi Alien Fairy Tale Romance‚Äč “This is the second book in the Trilyn Alien Fairy Tales Series and focuses on the second prince brother and the problems he faces to find his genetic match. Of course doubts for the BIAS scanner has been the main focus, due to the fact that it was sabotaged with his brothers match in the first book. We learn in this book if hackers are able to end the relationship before it even starts.”